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"""Public-key encryption and signature algorithms.
Public-key encryption uses two different keys, one for encryption and
one for decryption. The encryption key can be made public, and the
decryption key is kept private. Many public-key algorithms can also
be used to sign messages, and some can *only* be used for signatures.
Crypto.PublicKey.DSA Digital Signature Algorithm. (Signature only)
Crypto.PublicKey.ElGamal (Signing and encryption)
Crypto.PublicKey.RSA (Signing, encryption, and blinding)
Crypto.PublicKey.qNEW (Signature only)
__all__ = ['RSA', 'DSA', 'ElGamal', 'qNEW']
__revision__ = "$Id:,v 1.4 2003/04/03 20:27:13 akuchling Exp $"