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== 2.3.0 ==
* Added option -u, --unique to avoid bug that causes multiple symbols with names that differ only by case to overwrite each others output on case-insensitive filesystems. ( issue #162 )
* Fixed bug where {@links} in @deprecated tags did not resolve. ( issue #220 )
* Fixed bug that caused parens around a function to make it to be unrecognized. ( issue #213 )
* Fixed bug prevented explicit links to named anchors from working (thanks katgao.pku). ( issue #215 )
* Fixed bug that prevented full description from appearing in file overview. ( issue #224 )
== 2.2.1 ==
* Fixed bug with class template, where sorting of methods was accidentally removed (thanks dezfowler).
* Added missing test files for the @exports unit tests.
== 2.2.0 ==
* Fixed bug that caused exception when given a folder containing non-js files, even with the x commandline option set to "js". ( issue #193 )
* Fixed typo in index template [patch submitted by olle]. ( issue #198 )
* Modified @borrows tag experimentally to allow for missing "as ..." clause.
* Added support for the @exports tag, to allow one symbol to be documented as another.
* Added support for the -S option to document code following the Secure Modules pattern.
== 2.1.0 ==
* Added support for the @event tag.
* Fixed bug that prevented the : character from appearing in symbol names.
* Fixed bug that prevented underscored symbols marked with @public being tagged as private. (issue #184 )
* Fixed bug that randomly affected the @memberOf tag when the name of the symbol did not include the parent name.
* Fixed bug that prevented templates that were not in the jsdoc-toolkit folder from being found. ( issue #176 )
* Added ability to check for trailing slash on template path. ( issue #177 )
* Modified classDesc so that it no longer is appended with the constructor desc.
* Fixed call to plugin onDocCommentSrc.
* Added missing support for inline doc comments for function return types. ( issue #189 )
* Added command line option -q, --quiet.
* Added command line option -E, --exclude. ( issue #143 )
* Added 2 more hooks for plugins. ( issue #163 )
* Added support for extending built-ins. ( issue #160 )
* Added "compact" option to JSDOC.JsPlate.prototype.process. ( issue #159 )
* @augments no longer documents static members as inherited. ( issue #138 )
* @link to a class now goes to the page for that class, not the constructor. ( issue #178 )
* Warnings of mismatched curly brace now include filename. ( issue #166 )
* Fixed bug affecting template paths loaded via a configuration file when the trailing slash is missing. ( issue #191 )
* Minor optimizations.
== 2.0.2 ==
* Fixed bug that sometimes caused an example of division in the source code to be interpretted as a regex by the JsDoc Toolkit analyzer. ( issue #158 )
* Fixed a bug that prevented private variables marked as @public from appearing in the documentation. ( issue #161 )
* Fixed bug that prevented variable names with underscored properties from appearing in summaries. ( issue #173 )
== 2.0.1 ==
* Fixed bug that prevented @fileOverview tag from being recognized.
* Added support for @fieldOf as a synonym for @field plus @memberOf.
* Added support for @name tag in a @fileOverview comment to control the displayed name of the file.
* Added support for multiple @example tags. ( issue #152 )
* Modified style sheet of jsdoc template to make more readable. ( issue #151 )
* Fixed bug that prevented @since documentation from displaying correctly when it appeared in a class. ( issue #150 )
* Fixed bug that caused inhertited properties to sometimes not resolve correctly. ( issue #144 )
* Modified so that trailing whitespace in @example is always trimmed. ( issue #153 )
* Added support for elseif to JsPlate. (hat tip to fredck)
* Added support for @location urls in the @overview comment to the jsdoc template.
== Changes From Versions 1.4.0 to 2.0.0 ==
* Upgraded included version of Rhino from 1.6 to 1.7R1.
* Removed circular references in parsed documentation objects.
* Improved inheritance handling, now properties and events can be inherited same as methods.
* Improved handling of cross-file relationships, now having two related objects in separate files is not a problem.
* Improved ability to recognize membership of previously defined objects.
* Added ability to redefine parsing behavior with plugins.
* @methodOf is a synonym for @function and @memberOf.
* Added @default to document default values of members that are objects.
* Added ability to parse and refer to inner functions.
* Fixed bug that appeared when calling a method to set properties of the instance referred to by "this".
* Added ability to automatically create links to other symbols.
* New "jsdoc" template now produces fully W3C valid XHTML.
* Inline parameter type hint comments are now documented.
* Fixed error: Locally scoped variables (declared with var) no longer appear as global.
* It is now possible to run JsDoc Toolkit from any directory.
* Added support for inline {@link ...} tags.
* Added support for the -H command-line option to allow for custom content handlers.
* Tag names @inherits and @scope changed to @borrows and @lends.
? Combining @constructor in a doclet with @lends now supported.
* Multiple @lend tags now supported.
* Added support for the @constructs tag, used inside a @lends block.
* Added support for the @constant tag.
* Fixed bug that prevented the use of [] as a default value.
* Added support for the @field tag.
* Added support for the @public tag (applied to inner functions).
* @namespace tag can now be applied to functions, not just object literals.
* Added support for the -s command line option to suppress source code output.
* Added new unit test framework.
* Underscored symbols are now treated as if they have a @private tag by default.
* Improved support for anonymous constructors.
* Added support for the nocode meta tag.