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# Copyright 2011 the Melange authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Module containing the RequestData object that will be created for each
request in the GCI module.
from google.appengine.ext import db
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
# TODO(nathaniel): Still reticent about having the RequestData object
# allowed to raise exceptions from the exception module.
from codein import types
from melange.logic import timeline as timeline_logic
from melange.request import exception
from melange.utils import time
from soc.views.helper import request_data
from soc.modules.gci.logic.helper import timeline as timeline_helper
from soc.modules.gci.models.program import GCIProgram
from soc.modules.gci.models import profile as profile_model
from soc.modules.gci.models import organization as org_model
class TimelineHelper(request_data.TimelineHelper):
"""Helper class for the determination of the currently active period.
see the super class, soc.views.helper.request_data.TimelineHelper
def currentPeriod(self):
"""Return where we are currently on the timeline.
# This is required as a protection against the cases when the
# org apps are not created for the program and hence there is
# no way we can determine if the org app has started.
if timeline_logic.isBeforeProgramStart(self.timeline):
return 'kickoff_period'
if self.beforeOrgSignupStart():
return 'kickoff_period'
if self.orgSignup():
return 'org_signup_period'
if timeline_logic.isActiveStudentSignup(self.timeline):
return 'student_signup_period'
if (self.tasksPubliclyVisible() and
return 'working_period'
return 'offseason'
def nextDeadline(self):
"""Determines the next deadline on the timeline.
if self.beforeOrgSignupStart():
return ("Org Application Starts", self.orgSignupStart())
# we do not have deadlines for any of those programs that are not active
if not timeline_logic.isProgramActive(self.timeline):
return ("", None)
if self.orgSignup():
return ("Org Application Deadline", self.orgSignupEnd())
if time.isBetween(self.orgSignupEnd(), self.orgsAnnouncedOn()):
return ("Accepted Orgs Announced On", self.orgsAnnouncedOn())
if (self.orgsAnnounced() and
return ("Student Application Opens", self.timeline.student_signup_start)
if timeline_logic.isActiveStudentSignup(self.timeline):
return ("Student Application Deadline", self.studentSignupEnd())
if time.isBetween(self.tasksPubliclyVisible(),
return ("Tasks Claim Deadline", self.tasksClaimEndOn())
if time.isBetween(
return ('Work Submission Deadline', self.timeline.stop_all_work_deadline)
return ('', None)
def tasksPubliclyVisibleOn(self):
return self.timeline.tasks_publicly_visible
def tasksPubliclyVisible(self):
return time.isAfter(self.tasksPubliclyVisibleOn())
def tasksClaimEndOn(self):
return self.timeline.task_claim_deadline
def tasksClaimEnded(self):
return time.isAfter(self.tasksClaimEndOn())
def winnersAnnouncedOn(self):
return self.timeline.winners_announced_deadline
def winnersAnnounced(self):
return time.isAfter(self.winnersAnnouncedOn())
def remainingTime(self):
"""Returns the remaining time in the program a tuple of days, hrs and mins.
end = self.timeline.stop_all_work_deadline
return timeline_helper.remainingTimeSplit(end)
def tasksVisibleInTime(self):
"""Returns the remaining time till the tasks are publicly visible to
the students.
end = self.tasksPubliclyVisibleOn()
return timeline_helper.remainingTimeSplit(end)
def completePercentage(self):
"""Computes the remaining time percentage
It is VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE here that this percentage is between the
task opening date and the date task can be last claimed.
However if the all work stop deadline is set after the task claim date
that will only be visible on per task basis, this percentage would still
return zero.
start = self.tasksPubliclyVisibleOn()
end = self.tasksClaimEndOn()
if not start or not end:
return 0.0
return timeline_helper.completePercentage(start, end)
def stopwatchPercentage(self):
"""Computes the closest matching percentage for the static clock images.
complete_percentage = self.completePercentage()
return timeline_helper.stopwatchPercentage(complete_percentage)
class RequestData(request_data.RequestData):
"""Object containing data we query for each request in the GCI module.
The only view that will be exempt is the one that creates the program.
site: The Site entity
user: The user entity (if logged in)
css_path: a part of the css to fetch the GCI specific CSS resources
programs: All GCI programs.
is_mentor: is the current user a mentor in the program
is_student: is the current user a student in the program
is_org_admin: is the current user an org admin in the program
org_admin_for: the organizations the current user is an admin for
mentor_for: the organizations the current user is a mentor for
student_info: the StudentInfo for the current user and program
organization: the GCIOrganization for the current url
out_of_band: 404 when the program does not exist
def __init__(self, request, args, kwargs):
"""Constructs a new RequestData object.
request: Django HTTPRequest object.
args: The args that Django sends along with the request.
kwargs: The kwargs that Django sends along with the request.
super(RequestData, self).__init__(request, args, kwargs)
self.models = types.CI_MODELS
# program wide fields
self._programs = self._unset
# user profile specific fields
self._is_mentor = self._unset
self._is_student = self._unset
self._is_org_admin = self._unset
self._mentor_for = self._unset
self._org_admin_for = self._unset
self._student_info = self._unset
self._organization = self._unset
# _org_map contains only those organizations for which the current user
# is a mentor or org admin.
self._org_map = self._unset
def css_path(self):
"""Returns the css_path property."""
return 'gci'
def is_mentor(self):
"""Returns the is_mentor field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_mentor):
if not self.ndb_profile:
self._is_mentor = False
self._is_mentor = self.ndb_profile.is_mentor or self.is_org_admin
return self._is_mentor
def is_org_admin(self):
"""Returns the is_org_admin field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_org_admin):
if not self.ndb_profile:
self._is_org_admin = False
self._is_org_admin = self.ndb_profile.is_admin or self.is_host
return self._is_org_admin
def is_student(self):
"""Returns the is_student field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_student):
if not self.profile:
self._is_student = False
self._is_student = bool(profile_model.GCIProfile.student_info \
return self._is_student
def mentor_for(self):
"""Returns the mentor_for field."""
if not self._isSet(self._mentor_for):
if self.ndb_profile:
self._mentor_for = self._org_map.values()
self._mentor_for = []
return self._mentor_for
def _getOrganization(self):
"""Returns the organization field."""
if not self._isSet(self._organization):
if self.kwargs.get('organization'):
fields = [
org_key_name = '/'.join(fields)
self._organization = org_model.GCIOrganization.get_by_key_name(
if not self._organization:
raise exception.NotFound(
message="There is no organization for url '%s'" % org_key_name)
self._organization = None
return self._organization
def _setOrganization(self, organization):
"""Sets the organization field to the specified value."""
self._organization = organization
# TODO(daniel): organization should be immutable. All the parts, which
# actually try to override this value, should be changed
organization = property(_getOrganization, _setOrganization)
def org_admin_for(self):
"""Returns the org_admin_for field."""
if not self._isSet(self._org_admin_for):
if self.ndb_profile:
self._org_admin_for = [
self._org_map[i] for i in
map(lambda org_key: org_key.to_old_key(),
self._org_admin_for = []
return self._org_admin_for
def programs(self):
"""Memorizes and returns a list of all programs."""
if not self._isSet(self._programs):
self._programs = list(GCIProgram.all())
return self._programs
def redirect(self):
"""Returns the redirect helper."""
if not self._isSet(self._redirect):
self._redirect = RedirectHelper(self)
return self._redirect
def student_info(self):
"""Returns the student_info field."""
if not self._isSet(self._student_info):
if not self.is_student:
self._student_info = None
student_info_key = profile_model.GCIProfile.student_info \
self._student_info = db.get(student_info_key)
return self._student_info
def timeline(self):
"""Returns the timeline field."""
if not self._isSet(self._timeline):
self._timeline = TimelineHelper(self.program_timeline, self.org_app)
return self._timeline
def _initOrgMap(self):
"""Initializes _org_map by inserting there all organizations for which
the current user is either a mentor or org admin.
if not self._isSet(self._org_map):
if self.ndb_profile:
org_keys = set(
map(lambda org_key: org_key.to_old_key(),
self.ndb_profile.mentor_for + self.ndb_profile.admin_for))
orgs = db.get(org_keys)
self._org_map = dict((i.key(), i) for i in orgs)
self._org_map = {}
def getOrganization(self, org_key):
"""Retrieves the specified organization.
if org_key not in self._org_map:
org = db.get(org_key)
return org
return self._org_map[org_key]
def orgAdminFor(self, org_key):
"""Returns true iff the user is admin for the specified organization.
org_key: Organization key.
if self.is_host:
return True
if not self.ndb_profile:
return False
# TODO(daniel): remove when all models are converted to NDB
if not isinstance(org_key, ndb.Key):
org_key = ndb.Key.from_old_key(org_key)
return org_key in self.ndb_profile.admin_for
def mentorFor(self, org_key):
"""Returns true iff the user is mentor for the specified organization.
org_key: Organization key.
if self.is_host:
return True
if not self.ndb_profile:
return False
# TODO(daniel): remove when all models are converted to NDB
if not isinstance(org_key, ndb.Key):
org_key = ndb.Key.from_old_key(org_key)
return org_key in self.ndb_profile.mentor_for
class RedirectHelper(request_data.RedirectHelper):
"""Helper for constructing redirects.
def document(self, document):
"""Override this method to set GCI specific _url_name.
super(RedirectHelper, self).document(document)
self._url_name = 'show_gci_document'
return self