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# Copyright 2011 the Melange authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Module for displaying the GCI profile read-only page.
This module is old and has already been deprecated. For the new views to display
profiles, please see melange.view.profile module instead.
import logging
from django import http
from django.utils import translation
from melange.request import access
from melange.request import exception
from soc.views import profile_show
from soc.views.helper import access_checker
from soc.views.helper import url_patterns
from soc.views.template import Template
from soc.modules.gci.models.profile import GCIProfile
from soc.modules.gci.views import base
from soc.modules.gci.views import readonly_template
from soc.modules.gci.views.helper import url_names
from soc.modules.gci.views.helper.url_patterns import url
NON_STUDENT_ERR_MSG = translation.ugettext(
'There cannot be a post request for student form verification on '
'non-student profiles.')
class StudentFormsTemplate(Template):
"""Template to provide links to student forms."""
def __init__(self, profile, data):
super(StudentFormsTemplate, self).__init__(data)
self.profile = profile
def context(self):
base_url =
consent_form_url = '%s?%s' % (base_url, url_names.CONSENT_FORM_GET_PARAM)
student_id_form_url = '%s?%s' % (
base_url, url_names.ENROLLMENT_FORM_GET_PARAM)
student_info = self.profile.student_info
return {
'consent_form': student_info.consent_form,
'consent_form_verified': student_info.consent_form_verified,
'consent_form_url': consent_form_url,
'student_id_form': student_info.student_id_form,
'student_id_form_verified': student_info.student_id_form_verified,
'student_id_form_url': student_id_form_url,
def templatePath(self):
return 'modules/gci/profile_show/_student_forms.html'
class GCIProfileReadOnlyTemplate(readonly_template.GCIModelReadOnlyTemplate):
"""Template to construct read-only GCIProfile data."""
class Meta:
model = GCIProfile
css_prefix = 'gci_profile_show'
fields = ['public_name', 'given_name', 'surname', 'im_network',
'im_handle', 'home_page', 'blog', 'photo_url', 'email',
'res_street', 'res_street_extra', 'res_city', 'res_state',
'res_country', 'res_postalcode', 'phone', 'ship_name',
'ship_street', 'ship_street_extra', 'ship_city', 'ship_state',
'ship_country', 'ship_postalcode', 'birth_date',
'tshirt_style', 'tshirt_size', 'gender', 'program_knowledge']
class GCIUserReadOnlyTemplate(profile_show.UserReadOnlyTemplate):
"""Template to construct read-only User data to be displayed on Summer
Of Code view.
template_path = readonly_template.GCIModelReadOnlyTemplate.template_path
class GCIProfileShowPage(profile_show.ProfileShowPage, base.GCIRequestHandler):
"""View to display the read-only profile page."""
def djangoURLPatterns(self):
"""See base.GCIRequestHandler.djangoURLPatterns for specification."""
return [
url(r'profile/show/old/%s$' % url_patterns.PROGRAM,
self, name=url_names.GCI_PROFILE_SHOW),
def context(self, data, check, mutator):
"""See base.GCIRequestHandler.context for specification."""
context = super(GCIProfileShowPage, self).context(data, check, mutator)
profile = self._getProfile(data)
if profile.student_info:
context['student_forms_template'] = StudentFormsTemplate(profile, data)
return context
def templatePath(self):
"""See base.GCIRequestHandler.templatePath for specification."""
return 'modules/gci/profile_show/base.html'
def _getProfileReadOnlyTemplate(self, profile):
"""See profile_show.ProfileShowPage._getProfileReadOnlyTemplate
for specification.
return GCIProfileReadOnlyTemplate(profile)
def _getUserReadOnlyTemplate(self, user):
"""See profile_show.ProfileShowPage._getUserReadOnlyTemplate
for specification.
return GCIUserReadOnlyTemplate(user)
class GCIProfileShowAdminPage(GCIProfileShowPage):
"""View to display the read-only profile page for admin."""
def djangoURLPatterns(self):
return [
url(r'profile/show/old/%s$' % url_patterns.PROFILE,
self, name=url_names.GCI_PROFILE_SHOW_ADMIN),
def context(self, data, check, mutator):
context = super(GCIProfileShowAdminPage, self).context(data, check, mutator)
assert access_checker.isSet(data.url_profile.student_info)
profile = data.url_profile
student_info = profile.student_info
if student_info:
if student_info.consent_form_verified:
context['verify_consent_form_init'] = 'unchecked'
context['verify_consent_form_init'] = 'checked'
if student_info.student_id_form_verified:
context['verify_student_id_form_init'] = 'unchecked'
context['verify_student_id_form_init'] = 'checked'
# TODO(nathaniel): Eliminate this state-setting call.
context['student_task_link'] = data.redirect.urlOf(
context['user'] = self._getUserReadOnlyTemplate(data.url_user)
return context
def post(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Handles student form verification by host."""
if not data.url_profile.student_info:
# TODO(nathaniel): Is this user error? If so, should it be
# logged at server warning level, or even at all?
raise exception.MethodNotAllowed()
post_data = data.POST
button_id = post_data.get('id')
value = post_data.get('value')
if button_id == 'verify-consent-form':
self._verifyConsentForm(data, value)
elif button_id == 'verify-student-id-form':
self._verifyStudentIDForm(data, value)
return http.HttpResponse()
def _verifyConsentForm(self, data, value):
"""Mark the parental consent form as verified or not verified.
data: A RequestData describing the current request.
value: The value of the checkbox field - checked or unchecked
student_info = data.url_profile.student_info
student_info.consent_form_verified = value == 'checked'
def _verifyStudentIDForm(self, data, value):
"""Mark the student id form as verified or not verified.
data: A RequestData describing the current request.
value: The value of the checkbox field - checked or unchecked
student_info = data.url_profile.student_info
student_info.student_id_form_verified = value == 'checked'
def _getProfile(self, data):
"""See soc.views.profile_show.ProfileShowPage for the documentation."""
assert access_checker.isSet(data.url_profile)
return data.url_profile