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# Copyright 2011 the Melange authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Views for the GCI Task view page."""
import datetime
import logging
from google.appengine.ext import blobstore
from google.appengine.ext import db
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from django import forms as django_forms
from django import http
from django.forms.util import ErrorDict
from django.utils.translation import ugettext
from codein.logic import task as task_logic
from codein.logic import timeline as timeline_logic
from melange.logic import profile as melange_profile_logic
from melange.request import exception
from melange.request import links
from soc.logic import cleaning
from soc.views.helper import blobstore as bs_helper
from soc.views.template import Template
from soc.modules.gci.logic import comment as comment_logic
from soc.modules.gci.logic import profile as profile_logic
from soc.modules.gci.logic import task as gci_task_logic
from soc.modules.gci.logic.helper import timeline as timeline_helper
from soc.modules.gci.models import task as task_model
from soc.modules.gci.models import work_submission as work_submission_model
from soc.modules.gci.models.comment import GCIComment
from soc.modules.gci.models.task import ACTIVE_CLAIMED_TASK
from soc.modules.gci.models.task import CLAIMABLE
from soc.modules.gci.models.task import SEND_FOR_REVIEW_ALLOWED
from soc.modules.gci.models.task import TASK_IN_PROGRESS
from soc.modules.gci.views import base
from soc.modules.gci.views import forms as gci_forms
from soc.modules.gci.views.helper import url_patterns as gci_url_patterns
from soc.modules.gci.views.helper import url_names
'You are not allowed to operate the button named %s')
'You are not allowed to upload work')
DEF_NO_UPLOAD = ugettext(
'An error occurred, please upload a file.')
DEF_NO_URL = ugettext(
'An error occurred, please submit a valid URL.')
DEF_NO_WORK_FOUND = ugettext('No submission found with id %s')
'You are not allowed to delete this submission')
'Only a task that you own and that has submitted work and that has '
'not been closed can be send in for review.')
class CommentForm(gci_forms.GCIModelForm):
"""Django form for the comment."""
class Meta:
model = GCIComment
css_prefix = 'gci_comment'
fields = ['title', 'content']
def idSuffix(self, field):
if != 'content':
return ''
if not self.reply:
return ''
return "-%d" % self.reply
def __init__(self, reply=None, **kwargs):
super(CommentForm, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.reply = reply
# For UI purposes we need to set this required, validation does not pick
# it up.
self.fields['content'].required = True
def clean_content(self):
content = cleaning.clean_html_content('content')(self)
if content:
return content
raise django_forms.ValidationError(
ugettext('Comment content cannot be empty.'), code='invalid')
class WorkSubmissionFileForm(gci_forms.GCIModelForm):
"""Django form for submitting work as file."""
class Meta:
model = work_submission_model.GCIWorkSubmission
css_prefix = 'gci_work_submission'
fields = ['upload_of_work']
upload_of_work = django_forms.FileField(
label='Upload work', required=False)
def addFileRequiredError(self):
"""Appends a form error message indicating that this field is required.
if not self._errors:
self._errors = ErrorDict()
self._errors["upload_of_work"] = self.error_class([DEF_NO_UPLOAD])
def clean_upload_of_work(self):
"""Ensure that file field has data.
cleaned_data = self.cleaned_data
upload = cleaned_data.get('upload_of_work')
# Although we need the ValidationError exception the message there
# is dummy because it won't pass through the Appengine's Blobstore
# API. We use the same error message when adding the form error.
# See self.addFileRequiredError method.
if not upload:
raise gci_forms.ValidationError(DEF_NO_UPLOAD)
return upload
class WorkSubmissionURLForm(gci_forms.GCIModelForm):
"""Django form for submitting work as URL."""
class Meta:
model = work_submission_model.GCIWorkSubmission
css_prefix = 'gci_work_submission'
fields = ['url_to_work']
def clean_url_to_work(self):
"""Ensure that at least one of the fields has data."""
cleaned_data = self.cleaned_data
url = self.cleaned_data.get('url_to_work')
if url:
return url
raise gci_forms.ValidationError(DEF_NO_URL)
class TaskViewPage(base.GCIRequestHandler):
"""View for the GCI Task view page where all the actions happen."""
def djangoURLPatterns(self):
"""URL pattern for this view."""
return [
gci_url_patterns.url(r'task/view/%s$' % gci_url_patterns.TASK, self,
def checkAccess(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Checks whether this task is visible to the public and any other checks
if it is a POST request.
mutator.taskFromKwargs(comments=True, work_submissions=True)
data.is_visible = check.isTaskVisible()
if gci_task_logic.updateTaskStatus(data.task):
# The task logic updated the status of the task since the deadline passed
# and the GAE task was late to run. Reload the page.
raise exception.Redirect('')
if data.request.method == 'POST':
# Access checks for the different forms on this page. Note that there
# are no elif clauses because one could add multiple GET params :).
# Tasks for non-active organizations cannot be touched
org = task_logic.getOrganizationKey(data.task).get()
if 'reply' in data.GET:
# checks for posting comments
# valid tasks and profile are already checked.
if 'submit_work' in data.GET:
if not gci_task_logic.canSubmitWork(data.task, data.ndb_profile):
if 'button' in data.GET:
# check for any of the buttons
button_name = self._buttonName(data)
buttons = {}
if not buttons.get(button_name): % button_name)
if 'send_for_review' in data.GET:
if not gci_task_logic.isOwnerOfTask(data.task, data.ndb_profile) or \
not data.work_submissions or \
data.task.status not in TASK_IN_PROGRESS:
if 'delete_submission' in data.GET:
task_id = self._submissionId(data)
work = work_submission_model.GCIWorkSubmission.get_by_id(
task_id, parent=data.task)
if not work: % id)
user_key = ndb.Key.from_old_key(
time_expired = work.submitted_on -
if (user_key != data.ndb_user.key or
time_expired > gci_task_logic.DELETE_EXPIRATION):
def jsonContext(self, data, check, mutator):
url = '%s?submit_work' % (
return {
'upload_link': blobstore.create_upload_url(url),
def context(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Returns the context for this view."""
org_key = task_logic.getOrganizationKey(data.task)
context = {
'page_name': '%s - %s' % (data.task.title, org_key.get().name),
'task': data.task,
'is_mentor': data.ndb_profile and org_key in data.ndb_profile.mentor_for,
'task_info': TaskInformation(data),
if data.task.deadline:
# TODO(nathaniel): This is math - move it to a helper function.
context['complete_percentage'] = timeline_helper.completePercentage(
end=data.task.deadline, duration=(data.task.time_to_complete * 3600))
if data.is_visible:
context['work_submissions'] = WorkSubmissions(data)
context['comment_ids'] = [i.key().id() for i in data.comments]
context['comments'] = CommentsTemplate(data)
if not context['is_mentor']:
# Programmatically change css for non-mentors, to for instance show
# the open cog when a task can be claimed.
if data.task.status == 'Closed':
block_type = 'completed'
elif gci_task_logic.isOwnerOfTask(data.task, data.ndb_profile):
block_type = 'owned'
elif data.task.status in ACTIVE_CLAIMED_TASK:
block_type = 'claimed'
block_type = 'open'
context['block_task_type'] = block_type
return context
def post(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Handles all POST calls for the TaskViewPage."""
# TODO(nathaniel): What? Why is data.GET being read in this POST handler?
if data.is_visible and 'reply' in data.GET:
return self._postComment(data, check, mutator)
elif 'button' in data.GET:
return self._postButton(data)
elif 'send_for_review' in data.GET:
return self._postSendForReview(data)
elif 'delete_submission' in data.GET:
return self._postDeleteSubmission(data)
elif 'work_file_submit' in data.POST or 'submit_work' in data.GET:
return self._postSubmitWork(data, check, mutator)
raise exception.BadRequest()
def _postComment(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Handles the POST call for the form that creates comments."""
reply = data.GET.get('reply', '')
reply = int(reply) if reply.isdigit() else None
comment_form = CommentForm(reply=reply, data=data.POST)
if not comment_form.is_valid():
# TODO(nathaniel): problematic self-call.
return self.get(data, check, mutator)
comment_form.cleaned_data['reply'] = reply
comment_form.cleaned_data['created_by'] = data.ndb_user.key.to_old_key()
comment_form.cleaned_data['modified_by'] = data.ndb_user.key.to_old_key()
comment = comment_form.create(commit=False, parent=data.task)
# TODO(ljvderijk): Indicate that a comment was successfully created to the
# user.
def _postButton(self, data):
"""Handles the POST call for any of the control buttons on the task page.
button_name = self._buttonName(data)
task = data.task
task_key = task.key()
if button_name == 'button_unpublish':
gci_task_logic.unpublishTask(task, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_publish':
gci_task_logic.publishTask(task, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_edit':
elif button_name == 'button_delete':
url = links.LINKER.program(data.program, 'gci_homepage')
return http.HttpResponseRedirect(url)
elif button_name == 'button_assign':
student_key = ndb.Key.from_old_key(
gci_task_logic.assignTask(task, student_key, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_unassign':
gci_task_logic.unassignTask(task, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_close':
gci_task_logic.closeTask(task, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_needs_work':
gci_task_logic.needsWorkTask(task, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_extend_deadline':
hours = data.POST.get('hours', '')
hours = int(hours) if hours.isdigit() else 0
if hours > 0:
delta = datetime.timedelta(hours=hours)
gci_task_logic.extendDeadline(task, delta, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_claim':
gci_task_logic.claimRequestTask(task, data.ndb_profile)
elif button_name == 'button_unclaim':
elif button_name == 'button_subscribe':
def txn():
task = db.get(task_key)
if data.ndb_profile.key.to_old_key() not in task.subscribers:
elif button_name == 'button_unsubscribe':
def txn():
task = db.get(task_key)
if data.ndb_profile.key.to_old_key() in task.subscribers:
def _buttonName(self, data):
"""Returns the name of the button specified in the POST dict."""
for key in data.POST.keys():
if key.startswith('button'):
return key
return None
def _postSubmitWork(self, data, check, mutator):
"""POST handler for the work submission form."""
if 'url_to_work' in data.POST:
form = WorkSubmissionURLForm(data=data.POST)
if not form.is_valid():
# TODO(nathaniel): Problematic self-call.
return self.get(data, check, mutator)
elif data.request.file_uploads:
form = WorkSubmissionFileForm(
data=data.POST, files=data.request.file_uploads)
if not form.is_valid():
# we are not storing this form, remove the uploaded blob from the cloud
for f in data.request.file_uploads.itervalues():
url_names.GCI_VIEW_TASK, extra=['file=0'])
# TODO(nathaniel): Is this user error? If so, we shouldn't be logging
# it at server-warning level.
logging.warning('Neither the URL nor the files were provided for work '
url_names.GCI_VIEW_TASK, extra=['ws_error=1'])
task = data.task
# TODO(ljvderijk): Add a non-required profile property?
form.cleaned_data['user'] = data.ndb_user.key.to_old_key()
form.cleaned_data['org'] = (
form.cleaned_data['program'] = task.program
# store the submission, parented by the task
def _postSendForReview(self, data):
"""POST handler for the mark as complete button."""
gci_task_logic.sendForReview(data.task, data.ndb_profile)
def _postDeleteSubmission(self, data):
"""POST handler to delete a GCIWorkSubmission."""
submission_id = self._submissionId(data)
work = work_submission_model.GCIWorkSubmission.get_by_id(
submission_id, parent=data.task)
if not work:
raise exception.BadRequest(message=DEF_NO_WORK_FOUND % submission_id)
# Deletion of blobs always runs separately from transaction so it has no
# added value to use it here.
upload = work.upload_of_work
if upload:
# TODO(nathaniel): Redirection to self.
def _submissionId(self, data):
"""Retrieves the submission id from the POST data."""
for key in data.POST.keys():
if key.isdigit():
return int(key)
return -1
def templatePath(self):
return 'modules/gci/task/public.html'
class TaskInformation(Template):
"""Template that contains the details of a task.
def context(self):
"""Returns the context for the current template.
task =
mentors = [
mentor.public_name for mentor in
ndb.get_multi(map(ndb.Key.from_old_key, task.mentors))]
profile =
org_key = task_logic.getOrganizationKey(
# We count everyone from the org as a mentor, the mentors property
# is just who best to contact about this task
context = {
'task': task,
'mentors': mentors,
'is_mentor': profile and org_key in profile.mentor_for,
profile.key.to_old_key() in task.mentors if profile else None,
'is_owner': gci_task_logic.isOwnerOfTask(task,,
'is_claimed': task.status in ACTIVE_CLAIMED_TASK,
'organization': org_key.get(),
if task.deadline:
rdays, rhrs, rmins = timeline_helper.remainingTimeSplit(task.deadline)
context['remaining_days'] = rdays
context['remaining_hours'] = rhrs
context['remaining_minutes'] = rmins
if (profile and
context['beginner_task_limit_reached'] = True
return context
def setButtonControls(self, context):
"""Enables buttons on the TaskInformation block based on status and the
context: Context dictionary which to write to.
if not
# no buttons for someone without a profile
if timeline_logic.isAfterWorkReviewDeadline(
# no buttons after all reviews has stopped
task =
org_key = task_logic.getOrganizationKey(task)
is_org_admin = org_key in
is_mentor = org_key in
is_student =
is_owner = gci_task_logic.isOwnerOfTask(task,
if is_org_admin:
can_unpublish = task.status == task_model.OPEN and not task.student
context['button_unpublish'] = can_unpublish
can_publish = task.status in task_model.UNAVAILABLE
context['button_publish'] = can_publish
student_key = task_model.GCITask.student.get_value_for_datastore(task)
context['button_delete'] = not student_key
if is_mentor:
context['button_edit'] = task.status in \
context['button_assign'] = task.status == 'ClaimRequested'
context['button_unassign'] = task.status in ACTIVE_CLAIMED_TASK
context['button_close'] = task.status == 'NeedsReview'
context['button_needs_work'] = task.status == 'NeedsReview'
context['button_extend_deadline'] = task.status in TASK_IN_PROGRESS
if is_student:
if not
if not profile_logic.hasStudentFormsUploaded(
# TODO(nathaniel): make this .program() call unnecessary.
context['student_forms_link'] =
# TODO(lennie): Separate the access check out in to different
# methods and add a context variable to show separate messages.'
context['button_claim'] = gci_task_logic.canClaimRequestTask(
if is_owner:
if not
context['button_unclaim'] = task.status in ACTIVE_CLAIMED_TASK
if task.status != 'Closed':
task_subscribers_keys = map(ndb.Key.from_old_key, task.subscribers)
context['button_subscribe'] = (
not in task_subscribers_keys)
context['button_unsubscribe'] = (
not in task.subscribers)
def templatePath(self):
"""Returns the path to the template that should be used in render().
return 'modules/gci/task/_task_information.html'
class WorkSubmissions(Template):
"""Template to render all the GCIWorkSubmissions.
Contains the form to upload work and contains the "Mark task as complete"
button for students.
def _buildWorkSubmissionContext(self):
"""Builds a list containing the info related to each work submission.
submissions = []
source =
for submission in sorted(source, key=lambda e: e.submitted_on):
submission_info = {
'entity': submission
upload_of_work = submission.upload_of_work
submission_info['upload_of_work'] = upload_of_work
if upload_of_work:
uploaded_blob = blobstore.BlobInfo.get(upload_of_work.key())
submission_info['is_blob_valid'] = True if uploaded_blob else False
return submissions
def context(self):
"""Returns the context for the current template.
context = {
'submissions': self._buildWorkSubmissionContext(),
task =
is_owner = gci_task_logic.isOwnerOfTask(task,
if is_owner:
context['send_for_review'] = and \
deleteable = []
for work in
work_key = ndb.Key.from_old_key(
if work_key ==
# Ensure that it is the work from the current user in case the task
# got re-assigned.
time_expired = work.submitted_on -
if time_expired < gci_task_logic.DELETE_EXPIRATION:
context['deleteable'] = deleteable
if gci_task_logic.canSubmitWork(task,
if and 'submit_work' in
# File form doesn't have any POST parameters so it should not be
# passed while reconstructing the form. So only URL form is
# constructed from POST data
context['work_url_form'] = WorkSubmissionURLForm(
context['work_url_form'] = WorkSubmissionURLForm()
# As mentioned in the comment above since there is no POST data to
# be passed to the file form, it is constructed in the same way
# in either cases.
context['work_file_form'] = WorkSubmissionFileForm()
if'file', None) == '0':
if'ws_error', None) == '1':
context['ws_error'] = True
url = '%s?submit_work' % (
context['direct_post_url'] = url
return context
def templatePath(self):
"""Returns the path to the template that should be used in render().
return 'modules/gci/task/_work_submissions.html'
class CommentsTemplate(Template):
"""Template for rendering and adding comments.
class CommentItem(object):
def __init__(self, entity, form, author_link, author):
self.entity = entity
self.form = form
self.author_link = author_link = author
def context(self):
"""Returns the context for the current template.
comments = []
reply ='reply')
for comment in
# generate Reply form, if needed
form = None
if task_logic.isCommentingAllowed(,,
comment_id = comment.key().id()
if and reply == str(comment_id):
form = CommentForm(reply=comment_id,
form = CommentForm(reply=comment_id)
# generate author link, if comment sent by a student
author_link = None
if GCIComment.created_by.get_value_for_datastore(comment):
author_key = ndb.Key.from_old_key(
author_key = None
if author_key:
author = melange_profile_logic.getProfileForUsername(,
if author and author.is_student:
author_link =
author = None
item = self.CommentItem(comment, form, author_link, author)
context = {
'comments': comments,
if task_logic.isCommentingAllowed(,,
if and reply == 'self':
context['comment_form'] = CommentForm(
context['comment_form'] = CommentForm()
return context
def templatePath(self):
"""Returns the path to the template that should be used in render()."""
return 'modules/gci/task/_comments.html'
class WorkSubmissionDownload(base.GCIRequestHandler):
"""Request handler for downloading blobs from a GCIWorkSubmission."""
def djangoURLPatterns(self):
"""URL pattern for this view."""
return [
gci_url_patterns.url(r'work/download/%s$' % gci_url_patterns.TASK, self,
def checkAccess(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Checks whether this task is visible to the public."""
def get(self, data, check, mutator):
"""Attempts to download the blob in the worksubmission that is specified
in the GET argument.
id_string = data.request.GET.get('id', '')
submission_id = int(id_string) if id_string.isdigit() else -1
work = work_submission_model.GCIWorkSubmission.get_by_id(
submission_id, data.task)
if work and work.upload_of_work:
return bs_helper.sendBlob(work.upload_of_work)
raise exception.BadRequest(message=DEF_NO_WORK_FOUND % id_string)