Fix functional tests looking for wrong footer.

Change-Id: Ibef9cca6ad8691482db03b209863c7f6a69d66f0
diff --git a/tests/functional/ b/tests/functional/
index 1fbf167..b2ce569 100644
--- a/tests/functional/
+++ b/tests/functional/
@@ -493,13 +493,13 @@
             (by.By.NAME, name)))
   def waitForPageLoad(self, timeout=10):
-    """Wait until a Melange page has laoded.
+    """Wait until a Melange page has loaded.
-    Uses the existence of div.version (which is present in the
+    Uses the existence of div.footer-melange (which is present in the
     standard Melange footer) to determine if the page is done loading
     or not.
       timeout: number of seconds to wait.  default: 10.
-    self.waitForIdExists("div.version", timeout)
+    self.waitForIdExists("div.footer-melange", timeout)