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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (C) 2009 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Contains a client to communicate with the Blogger servers.
For documentation on the Blogger API, see:
__author__ = ' (Jeff Scudder)'
import gdata.client
import gdata.gauth
import atom.http_core
# List user's blogs, takes a user ID, or 'default'.
# Takes a blog ID.
# Takes a blog ID.
# Takes a blog ID and post ID.
# Takes a blog ID.
# Takes a blog ID.
class BloggerClient(gdata.client.GDClient):
api_version = '2'
auth_service = 'blogger'
auth_scopes = gdata.gauth.AUTH_SCOPES['blogger']
def get_blogs(self, user_id='default', auth_token=None,, **kwargs):
return self.get_feed(BLOGS_URL % user_id, auth_token=auth_token,
desired_class=desired_class, **kwargs)
GetBlogs = get_blogs
def get_posts(self, blog_id, auth_token=None,, query=None,
return self.get_feed(BLOG_POST_URL % blog_id, auth_token=auth_token,
desired_class=desired_class, query=query, **kwargs)
GetPosts = get_posts
def get_pages(self, blog_id, auth_token=None,, query=None,
return self.get_feed(BLOG_PAGE_URL % blog_id, auth_token=auth_token,
desired_class=desired_class, query=query, **kwargs)
GetPages = get_pages
def get_post_comments(self, blog_id, post_id, auth_token=None,,
query=None, **kwargs):
return self.get_feed(BLOG_POST_COMMENTS_URL % (blog_id, post_id),
auth_token=auth_token, desired_class=desired_class,
query=query, **kwargs)
GetPostComments = get_post_comments
def get_blog_comments(self, blog_id, auth_token=None,,
query=None, **kwargs):
return self.get_feed(BLOG_COMMENTS_URL % blog_id, auth_token=auth_token,
desired_class=desired_class, query=query, **kwargs)
GetBlogComments = get_blog_comments
def get_blog_archive(self, blog_id, auth_token=None, **kwargs):
return self.get_feed(BLOG_ARCHIVE_URL % blog_id, auth_token=auth_token,
GetBlogArchive = get_blog_archive
def add_post(self, blog_id, title, body, labels=None, draft=False,
auth_token=None, title_type='text', body_type='html', **kwargs):
# Construct an atom Entry for the blog post to be sent to the server.
new_entry =, type=title_type),, type=body_type))
if labels:
for label in labels:
if draft:
new_entry.control ='yes'))
return, BLOG_POST_URL % blog_id, auth_token=auth_token, **kwargs)
AddPost = add_post
def add_page(self, blog_id, title, body, draft=False, auth_token=None,
title_type='text', body_type='html', **kwargs):
new_entry =, type=title_type),, type=body_type))
if draft:
new_entry.control ='yes'))
return, BLOG_PAGE_URL % blog_id, auth_token=auth_token, **kwargs)
AddPage = add_page
def add_comment(self, blog_id, post_id, body, auth_token=None,
title_type='text', body_type='html', **kwargs):
new_entry =, type=body_type))
return, BLOG_POST_COMMENTS_URL % (blog_id, post_id),
auth_token=auth_token, **kwargs)
AddComment = add_comment
def update(self, entry, auth_token=None, **kwargs):
# The Blogger API does not currently support ETags, so for now remove
# the ETag before performing an update.
old_etag = entry.etag
entry.etag = None
response = gdata.client.GDClient.update(self, entry,
auth_token=auth_token, **kwargs)
entry.etag = old_etag
return response
Update = update
def delete(self, entry_or_uri, auth_token=None, **kwargs):
if isinstance(entry_or_uri, (str, unicode, atom.http_core.Uri)):
return gdata.client.GDClient.delete(self, entry_or_uri,
auth_token=auth_token, **kwargs)
# The Blogger API does not currently support ETags, so for now remove
# the ETag before performing a delete.
old_etag = entry_or_uri.etag
entry_or_uri.etag = None
response = gdata.client.GDClient.delete(self, entry_or_uri,
auth_token=auth_token, **kwargs)
# TODO: if GDClient.delete raises and exception, the entry's etag may be
# left as None. Should revisit this logic.
entry_or_uri.etag = old_etag
return response
Delete = delete
class Query(gdata.client.Query):
def __init__(self, order_by=None, **kwargs):
gdata.client.Query.__init__(self, **kwargs)
self.order_by = order_by
def modify_request(self, http_request):
gdata.client._add_query_param('orderby', self.order_by, http_request)
gdata.client.Query.modify_request(self, http_request)
ModifyRequest = modify_request