ACCEPTED and REJECTED statuses are at the top.

Otherwise, there might be a problem. If a proposal is already acceted,
it will likely still satisfy all conditions for "Pending Acceptance"
status. And it will be displayed.

After this change, accepted and rejected proposals are handled

Change-Id: Iba276b820ef4a7b15cd2e8c19846a748d0fc10cf
diff --git a/app/summerofcode/templates/ b/app/summerofcode/templates/
index 08e068a..254b85f 100644
--- a/app/summerofcode/templates/
+++ b/app/summerofcode/templates/
@@ -186,7 +186,11 @@
   def _getStatus(entity, cached_data, *args):
     """Helper function to get value for 'status' column."""
-    if entity.accept_as_project:
+    if entity.status == proposal_model.Status.ACCEPTED:
+      return _green(str(proposal_model.Status.ACCEPTED))
+    elif entity.status == proposal_model.Status.REJECTED:
+      return _red(str(proposal_model.Status.REJECTED))
+    elif entity.accept_as_project:
       student = entity.key.parent().get()
       if entity.status == proposal_model.Status.WITHDRAWN:
         return _red(_ACCEPTED_BUT_WITHDRAWN_STATUS)