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# Copyright 2011 the Melange authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Module containing the RequestData object that will be created for each
request in the GSoC module.
import logging
from google.appengine.ext import db
from soc.logic.exceptions import NotFound
from soc.views.helper.access_checker import isSet
from soc.views.helper import request_data
from soc.modules.gsoc.models import profile as profile_model
from soc.modules.gsoc.models import program as program_model
from soc.modules.gsoc.models import organization as org_model
from soc.modules.gsoc.views.helper import url_names
class TimelineHelper(request_data.TimelineHelper):
"""Helper class for the determination of the currently active period.
Methods ending with "On", "Start", or "End" return a date.
Methods ending with "Between" return a tuple with two dates.
Methods ending with neither return a Boolean.
def currentPeriod(self):
"""Return where we are currently on the timeline.
if not self.programActive():
return 'offseason'
if self.beforeOrgSignupStart():
return 'kickoff_period'
if self.orgSignup():
return 'org_signup_period'
if self.studentSignup():
return 'student_signup_period'
if self.studentsAnnounced():
return 'coding_period'
return 'offseason'
def nextDeadline(self):
"""Determines the next deadline on the timeline.
A two-tuple containing deadline text and the datetime object for
the next deadline
if self.beforeOrgSignupStart():
return ("Org Application Starts", self.orgSignupStart())
# we do not have deadlines for any of those programs that are not active
if not self.programActive():
return ("", None)
if self.orgSignup():
return ("Org Application Deadline", self.orgSignupEnd())
if request_data.isBetween(self.orgSignupEnd(), self.orgsAnnouncedOn()):
return ("Accepted Orgs Announced In", self.orgsAnnouncedOn())
if self.orgsAnnounced() and self.beforeStudentSignupStart():
return ("Student Application Opens", self.studentSignupStart())
if self.studentSignup():
return ("Student Application Deadline", self.studentSignupEnd())
if request_data.isBetween(self.studentSignupEnd(),
return ("Proposal Matched Deadline", self.applicationMatchedOn())
if request_data.isBetween(self.applicationMatchedOn(),
return ("Proposal Scoring Deadline", self.applicationReviewEndOn())
if request_data.isBetween(self.applicationReviewEndOn(),
return ("Accepted Students Announced", self.studentsAnnouncedOn())
return ('', None)
def studentsAnnouncedOn(self):
return self.timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline
def studentsAnnounced(self):
return request_data.isAfter(self.studentsAnnouncedOn())
def beforeStudentsAnnounced(self):
return request_data.isBefore(self.studentsAnnouncedOn())
def applicationReviewEndOn(self):
return self.timeline.application_review_deadline
def applicationMatchedOn(self):
return self.timeline.student_application_matched_deadline
def mentorSignup(self):
return self.programActive() and self.orgsAnnounced()
def afterFirstSurveyStart(self, surveys):
"""Returns True if we are past at least one survey has start date.
surveys: List of survey entities for which we need to determine if
at least one of them have started
first_survey_start = min([s.survey_start for s in surveys])
return request_data.isAfter(first_survey_start)
class RequestData(request_data.RequestData):
"""Object containing data we query for each request in the GSoC module.
The only view that will be exempt is the one that creates the program.
site: The Site entity
user: The user entity (if logged in)
css_path: a part of the css to fetch the GSoC specific CSS resources
program: The GSoC program entity that the request is pointing to
programs: All GSoC programs.
program_timeline: The GSoCTimeline entity
timeline: A TimelineHelper entity
is_host: is the current user a host of the program
is_mentor: is the current user a mentor in the program
is_student: is the current user a student in the program
is_org_admin: is the current user an org admin in the program
org_map: map of retrieved organizations
org_admin_for: the organizations the current user is an admin for
mentor_for: the organizations the current user is a mentor for
student_info: the StudentInfo for the current user and program
organization: the GSoCOrganization for the current url
out_of_band: 404 when the program does not exist
def __init__(self, request, args, kwargs):
"""Constructs a new RequestData object.
request: Django HTTPRequest object.
args: The args that Django sends along with the request.
kwargs: The kwargs that Django sends along with the request.
super(RequestData, self).__init__(request, args, kwargs)
# program wide fields
self._program = self._unset
self._program_timeline = self._unset
self._programs = self._unset
self._org_app = self._unset
self._timeline = self._unset
# user profile specific fields
self._profile = self._unset
self._is_host = self._unset
self._is_mentor = self._unset
self._is_student = self._unset
self._is_org_admin = self._unset
self._org_map = self._unset
self._mentor_for = self._unset
self._org_admin_for = self._unset
self._student_info = self._unset
self._organization = self._unset
def css_path(self):
"""Returns the css_path property."""
if not self._isSet(self._css_path):
self._css_path = 'gsoc'
return self._css_path
def is_host(self):
"""Returns the is_host field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_host):
if not self.user:
self._is_host = False
key = program_model.GSoCProgram.scope.get_value_for_datastore(
self._is_host = key in self.user.host_for
return self._is_host
def is_mentor(self):
"""Returns the is_mentor field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_mentor):
if not self.profile:
self._is_mentor = False
self._is_mentor = bool(self.profile.mentor_for) or self.is_org_admin
return self._is_mentor
def is_org_admin(self):
"""Returns the is_org_admin field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_org_admin):
if not self.profile:
self._is_org_admin = False
self._is_org_admin = bool(self.profile.org_admin_for) or self.is_host
return self._is_org_admin
def is_student(self):
"""Returns the is_student field."""
if not self._isSet(self._is_student):
if not self.profile:
self._is_student = False
self._is_student = bool(profile_model.GSoCProfile.student_info \
return self._is_student
def mentor_for(self):
"""Returns the mentor_for field."""
if not self._isSet(self._mentor_for):
if self.profile:
self._mentor_for = self._org_map.values()
self._mentor_for = []
return self._mentor_for
def _getOrganization(self):
"""Returns the organization field."""
if not self._isSet(self._organization):
if self.kwargs.get('organization'):
fields = [
org_key_name = '/'.join(fields)
self._organization = org_model.GSoCOrganization.get_by_key_name(
if not self._organization:
raise NotFound(
"There is no organization for url '%s'" % org_key_name)
self._organization = None
return self._organization
def _setOrganization(self, organization):
"""Sets the organization field to the specified value."""
self._organization = organization
# TODO(daniel): organization should be immutable. All the parts, which
# actually try to override this value, should be changed
organization = property(_getOrganization, _setOrganization)
def org_admin_for(self):
"""Returns the org_admin_for field."""
if not self._isSet(self._org_admin_for):
if self.profile:
self._org_admin_for = [
self._org_map[i] for i in self.profile.org_admin_for]
self._org_admin_for = []
return self._org_admin_for
def org_app(self):
"""Returns the org_app field."""
if not self._isSet(self._org_app):
return self._org_app
def program(self):
"""Returns the program field."""
if not self._isSet(self._program):
return self._program
def program_timeline(self):
"""Returns the program_timeline field."""
if not self._isSet(self._program_timeline):
return self._program_timeline
def programs(self):
"""Memorizes and returns a list of all programs."""
if not self._isSet(self._programs):
self._programs = list(program_model.GSoCProgram.all())
return self._programs
def redirect(self):
"""Returns the redirect helper."""
if not self._isSet(self._redirect):
self._redirect = RedirectHelper(self)
return self._redirect
def student_info(self):
"""Returns the student_info field."""
if not self._isSet(self._student_info):
if not self.is_student:
self._student_info = None
student_info_key = profile_model.GSoCProfile.student_info \
self._student_info = db.get(student_info_key)
return self._student_info
def profile(self):
"""Returns the profile property."""
if not self._isSet(self._profile):
if not self.user or not self.program:
self._profile = None
key_name = '%s/%s' % (self.program.key().name(), self.user.link_id)
self._profile = profile_model.GSoCProfile.get_by_key_name(
key_name, parent=self.user)
return self._profile
def timeline(self):
"""Returns the timeline field."""
if not self._isSet(self._timeline):
self._timeline = TimelineHelper(self.program_timeline, self.org_app)
return self._timeline
def _initOrgMap(self):
"""Initializes _org_map by inserting there all organizations for which
the current user is either a mentor or org admin.
if not self._isSet(self._org_map):
if self.profile:
orgs = db.get(
set(self.profile.mentor_for + self.profile.org_admin_for))
self._org_map = dict((i.key(), i) for i in orgs)
self._org_map = {}
def _getProgramWideFields(self):
"""Fetches program wide fields in a single database round-trip."""
keys = []
# add program's key
if self.kwargs.get('sponsor') and self.kwargs.get('program'):
program_key_name = "%s/%s" % (
self.kwargs['sponsor'], self.kwargs['program'])
program_key = db.Key.from_path('GSoCProgram', program_key_name)
program_key = Site.active_program.get_value_for_datastore(
program_key_name =
# add timeline's key
keys.append(db.Key.from_path('GSoCTimeline', program_key_name))
# add org_app's key
org_app_key_name = 'gsoc_program/%s/orgapp' % program_key_name
keys.append(db.Key.from_path('OrgAppSurvey', org_app_key_name))
self._program, self._program_timeline, self._org_app = db.get(keys)
# raise an exception if no program is found
if not self._program:
raise NotFound("There is no program for url '%s'" % program_key_name)
def getOrganization(self, org_key):
"""Retrieves the specified organization.
if org_key not in self._org_map:
org = db.get(org_key)
self._org_map[org_key] = org
return self._org_map[org_key]
def orgAdminFor(self, organization):
"""Returns true iff the user is admin for the specified organization.
Organization may either be a key or an organization instance.
if self.is_host:
return True
if isinstance(organization, db.Model):
organization = organization.key()
return organization in [i.key() for i in self.org_admin_for]
def mentorFor(self, organization):
"""Returns true iff the user is mentor for the specified organization.
Organization may either be a key or an organization instance.
if self.is_host:
return True
if isinstance(organization, db.Model):
organization = organization.key()
return organization in [i.key() for i in self.mentor_for]
def _requestQuery(self, organization):
"""Returns a query to retrieve a Request for this user.
if isinstance(organization, db.Model):
organization = organization.key()
from soc.modules.gsoc.models.request import GSoCRequest
query = GSoCRequest.all()
query.filter('user', self.user)
query.filter('org', organization)
return query
def isPossibleMentorForProposal(self, mentor_profile=None):
"""Checks if the user is a possible mentor for the proposal in the data.
assert isSet(self.profile)
assert isSet(self.proposal)
profile = mentor_profile if mentor_profile else self.profile
return profile.key() in self.proposal.possible_mentors
class RedirectHelper(request_data.RedirectHelper):
"""Helper for constructing redirects.
def review(self, id=None, student=None):
"""Sets the kwargs for an url_patterns.REVIEW redirect.
if not student:
assert 'user' in self._data.kwargs
student = self._data.kwargs['user']
self.kwargs['user'] = student
return self
# (dcrodman) This method will become obsolete when the connection module
# is commited to the main branch.
def invite(self, role=None):
"""Sets args for an url_patterns.INVITE redirect.
if not role:
assert 'role' in self._data.kwargs
role = self._data.kwargs['role']
self.kwargs['role'] = role
return self
def orgAppTake(self):
"""Sets kwargs for an url_patterns.SURVEY redirect for org application.
return self
def orgAppReTake(self, survey=None):
"""Sets kwargs for an url_patterns.SURVEY redirect for org application.
if not survey:
assert 'id' in self._data.kwargs
survey = self._data.kwargs['id']
def document(self, document):
"""Override this method to set GSoC specific _url_name.
super(RedirectHelper, self).document(document)
self._url_name = 'show_gsoc_document'
return self
def acceptedOrgs(self):
"""Sets the _url_name to the list all the accepted orgs.
super(RedirectHelper, self).acceptedOrgs()
self._url_name = 'gsoc_accepted_orgs'
return self
def allProjects(self):
"""Sets the _url_name to list all GSoC projects.
self._url_name = 'gsoc_accepted_projects'
return self
def homepage(self, program=None):
"""Sets the _url_name for the homepage of the current GSOC program.
program: the link_id of the program for which we need to get the homepage
super(RedirectHelper, self).homepage(program)
self._url_name = 'gsoc_homepage'
return self
def searchpage(self):
"""Sets the _url_name for the searchpage of the current GSOC program.
super(RedirectHelper, self).searchpage()
self._url_name = 'search_gsoc'
return self
def orgHomepage(self, link_id):
"""Sets the _url_name for the specified org homepage
super(RedirectHelper, self).orgHomepage(link_id)
self._url_name = 'gsoc_org_home'
return self
def dashboard(self):
"""Sets the _url_name for dashboard page of the current GSOC program.
super(RedirectHelper, self).dashboard()
self._url_name = 'gsoc_dashboard'
return self
def events(self):
"""Sets the _url_name for the events page, if it is set.
from soc.modules.gsoc.models.program import GSoCProgram
key = GSoCProgram.events_page.get_value_for_datastore(self._data.program)
if not key:
self._no_url = True
self._url_name = 'gsoc_events'
return self
# (dcrodman) This method will become obsolete when the connection module
# is commited to the main branch.
def request(self, request):
"""Sets the _url_name for a request.
assert request
self.kwargs['user'] = request.parent_key().name()
if request.type == 'Request':
self._url_name = 'show_gsoc_request'
self._url_name = 'gsoc_invitation'
self._url_name = 'show_gsoc_request'
return self
def connect(self, user=None):
""" Sets the _url_name for a gsoc_user_connection redirect.
if not user:
assert 'user' in self._data.kwargs
user = self._data.kwargs['user']
self.kwargs['link_id'] = user.link_id
# We need to reassign the kwarg to the org's link_id since it's
# being set to the Organization object
self.kwargs['organization'] = self._data.organization.link_id
self._url_name = url_names.GSOC_USER_CONNECTION
return self
def show_connection(self, user, org):
""" Sets up kwargs for a gsoc_show_connection redirect.
user: the user involved in the connection
org: the org involved in the connection
self._data.organization = org
self._url_name = url_names.GSOC_SHOW_CONNECTION
return self
def comment(self, comment, full=False, secure=False):
"""Creates a direct link to a comment.
review = comment.parent(), review.parent().link_id)
url = self.urlOf('review_gsoc_proposal', full=full, secure=secure)
return "%s#c%s" % (url, comment.key().id())
def project(self, id=None, student=None):
"""Returns the URL to the Student Project.
student: entity which represents the user for the student
if not student:
assert 'user' in self._data.kwargs
student = self._data.kwargs['user']
self.kwargs['user'] = student
return self
def survey(self, survey=None):
"""Sets kwargs for an url_patterns.SURVEY redirect.
survey: the survey's link_id
if not survey:
assert 'survey' in self._data.kwargs
survey = self._data.kwargs['survey']
self.kwargs['survey'] = survey
return self
def survey_record(self, survey=None, id=None, student=None):
"""Returns the redirector object with the arguments for survey record
survey: the survey's link_id
self.project(id, student)
if not survey:
assert 'survey' in self._data.kwargs
survey = self._data.kwargs['survey']
self.kwargs['survey'] = survey
return self
def grading_record(self, record):
"""Returns the redirector object with the arguments for grading record
record: the grading record entity
project = record.parent()
self.project(project.key().id(), project.parent().link_id)
self.kwargs['group'] = record.grading_survey_group.key().id_or_name()
self.kwargs['record'] = record.key().id()
return self
def editProfile(self):
"""Returns the URL for the edit profile page.
self._url_name = 'edit_gsoc_profile'
return self