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import _base
class Filter(_base.Filter):
def __init__(self, source, encoding):
_base.Filter.__init__(self, source)
self.encoding = encoding
def __iter__(self):
state = "pre_head"
meta_found = (self.encoding is None)
pending = []
for token in _base.Filter.__iter__(self):
type = token["type"]
if type == "StartTag":
if token["name"].lower() == u"head":
state = "in_head"
elif type == "EmptyTag":
if token["name"].lower() == u"meta":
# replace charset with actual encoding
has_http_equiv_content_type = False
for (namespace,name),value in token["data"].iteritems():
if namespace != None:
elif name.lower() == u'charset':
token["data"][(namespace,name)] = self.encoding
meta_found = True
elif name == u'http-equiv' and value.lower() == u'content-type':
has_http_equiv_content_type = True
if has_http_equiv_content_type and (None, u"content") in token["data"]:
token["data"][(None, u"content")] = u'text/html; charset=%s' % self.encoding
meta_found = True
elif token["name"].lower() == u"head" and not meta_found:
# insert meta into empty head
yield {"type": "StartTag", "name": u"head",
"data": token["data"]}
yield {"type": "EmptyTag", "name": u"meta",
"data": {(None, u"charset"): self.encoding}}
yield {"type": "EndTag", "name": u"head"}
meta_found = True
elif type == "EndTag":
if token["name"].lower() == u"head" and pending:
# insert meta into head (if necessary) and flush pending queue
yield pending.pop(0)
if not meta_found:
yield {"type": "EmptyTag", "name": u"meta",
"data": {(None, u"charset"): self.encoding}}
while pending:
yield pending.pop(0)
meta_found = True
state = "post_head"
if state == "in_head":
yield token