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#!/usr/bin/env python2.5
# Copyright 2011 the Melange authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Module containing the RequestData object that will be created for each
request in the GCI module.
__authors__ = [
'"Selwyn Jacob" <>',
from google.appengine.ext import db
from soc.logic.exceptions import NotFound
from import Site
from soc.views.helper import request_data
from soc.modules.gci.models.program import GCIProgram
from soc.modules.gci.models.profile import GCIProfile
from soc.modules.gci.models.organization import GCIOrganization
class TimelineHelper(request_data.TimelineHelper):
"""Helper class for the determination of the currently active period.
see the super class, soc.views.helper.request_data.TimelineHelper
def currentPeriod(self):
"""Return where we are currently on the timeline.
# This is required as a protection against the cases when the
# org apps are not created for the program and hence there is
# no way we can determine if the org app has started.
if self.beforeProgramStart():
return 'kickoff_period'
if self.beforeOrgSignupStart():
return 'kickoff_period'
if self.orgSignup():
return 'org_signup_period'
if self.studentSignup():
return 'student_signup_period'
if self.tasksPubliclyVisible() and self.programActive():
return 'working_period'
return 'offseason'
def nextDeadline(self):
"""Determines the next deadline on the timeline.
if self.beforeOrgSignupStart():
return ("Org Application Starts", self.orgSignupStart())
# we do not have deadlines for any of those programs that are not active
if not self.programActive():
return ("", None)
if self.orgSignup():
return ("Org Application Deadline", self.orgSignupEnd())
if request_data.isBetween(self.orgSignupEnd(), self.orgsAnnouncedOn()):
return ("Accepted Orgs Announced In", self.orgsAnnouncedOn())
if self.orgsAnnounced() and self.beforeStudentSignupStart():
return ("Student Application Opens", self.studentSignupStart())
if self.studentSignup():
return ("Student Application Deadline", self.studentSignupEnd())
if request_data.isBetween(self.tasksPubliclyVisible(), self.tasksClaimEndOn()):
return ("Tasks Claim Deadline", self.tasksClaimEndOn())
if request_data.isBetween(self.tasksClaimEndOn(), self.stopAllWorkOn()):
return ("Work Submission Deadline", self.stopAllWorkOn())
return ('', None)
def tasksPubliclyVisibleOn(self):
return self.timeline.tasks_publicly_visible
def tasksPubliclyVisible(self):
return request_data.isAfter(self.tasksPubliclyVisibleOn())
def tasksClaimEndOn(self):
return self.timeline.task_claim_deadline
def tasksClaimEnded(self):
return request_data.isAfter(self.tasksClaimEndOn())
def stopAllWorkOn(self):
return self.timeline.stop_all_work_deadline
def allWorkStopped(self):
return request_data.isAfter(self.stopAllWorkOn())
class RequestData(request_data.RequestData):
"""Object containing data we query for each request in the GCI module.
The only view that will be exempt is the one that creates the program.
site: The Site entity
user: The user entity (if logged in)
css_path: a part of the css to fetch the GCI specific CSS resources
program: The GCI program entity that the request is pointing to
programs: All GCI programs.
program_timeline: The GCITimeline entity
timeline: A TimelineHelper entity
profile: The GCIProfile entity of the current user
is_host: is the current user a host of the program
is_mentor: is the current user a mentor in the program
is_student: is the current user a student in the program
is_org_admin: is the current user an org admin in the program
org_map: map of retrieved organizations
org_admin_for: the organizations the current user is an admin for
mentor_for: the organizations the current user is a mentor for
student_info: the StudentInfo for the current user and program
organization: the GCIOrganization for the current url
out_of_band: 404 when the program does not exist
def __init__(self):
"""Constructs an empty RequestData object.
super(RequestData, self).__init__()
# module wide fields
self.css_path = 'gci'
# program wide fields
self._programs = None
self.program = None
self.program_timeline = None
self.org_app = None
# user profile specific fields
self.profile = None
self.is_host = False
self.is_mentor = False
self.is_student = False
self.is_org_admin = False
self.org_map = {}
self.mentor_for = []
self.org_admin_for = []
self.student_info = None
self.organization = None
def programs(self):
"""Memorizes and returns a list of all programs.
if not self._programs:
self._programs = list(GCIProgram.all())
return self._programs
def getOrganization(self, org_key):
"""Retrieves the specified organization.
if org_key not in self.org_map:
org = db.get(org_key)
self.org_map[org_key] = org
return self.org_map[org_key]
def orgAdminFor(self, organization):
"""Returns true iff the user is admin for the specified organization.
Organization may either be a key or an organization instance.
if self.is_host:
return True
if isinstance(organization, db.Model):
organization = organization.key()
return organization in [i.key() for i in self.org_admin_for]
def mentorFor(self, organization):
"""Returns true iff the user is mentor for the specified organization.
Organization may either be a key or an organization instance.
if self.is_host:
return True
if isinstance(organization, db.Model):
organization = organization.key()
return organization in [i.key() for i in self.mentor_for]
def populate(self, redirect, request, args, kwargs):
"""Populates the fields in the RequestData object.
request: Django HTTPRequest object.
args & kwargs: The args and kwargs django sends along.
super(RequestData, self).populate(redirect, request, args, kwargs)
if kwargs.get('sponsor') and kwargs.get('program'):
program_key_name = "%s/%s" % (kwargs['sponsor'], kwargs['program'])
program_key = db.Key.from_path('GCIProgram', program_key_name)
program_key = Site.active_program.get_value_for_datastore(
program_key_name =
timeline_key = db.Key.from_path('GCITimeline', program_key_name)
org_app_key_name = 'gci_program/%s/orgapp' % program_key_name
org_app_key = db.Key.from_path('OrgAppSurvey', org_app_key_name)
keys = [program_key, timeline_key, org_app_key]
self.program, self.program_timeline, self.org_app = db.get(keys)
if not self.program:
raise NotFound("There is no program for url '%s'" % program_key_name)
self.timeline = TimelineHelper(self.program_timeline, self.org_app)
if kwargs.get('organization'):
fields = [self.program.key().id_or_name(), kwargs.get('organization')]
org_key_name = '/'.join(fields)
self.organization = GCIOrganization.get_by_key_name(org_key_name)
if not self.organization:
raise NotFound("There is no organization for url '%s'" % org_key_name)
if self.user:
key_name = '%s/%s' % (self.program.key().name(), self.user.link_id)
self.profile = GCIProfile.get_by_key_name(
key_name, parent=self.user)
host_key = GCIProgram.scope.get_value_for_datastore(self.program)
self.is_host = host_key in self.user.host_for
if self.profile:
org_keys = set(self.profile.mentor_for + self.profile.org_admin_for)
prop = GCIProfile.student_info
student_info_key = prop.get_value_for_datastore(self.profile)
if student_info_key:
self.student_info = db.get(student_info_key)
self.is_student = True
orgs = db.get(org_keys)
org_map = self.org_map = dict((i.key(), i) for i in orgs)
self.mentor_for = org_map.values()
self.org_admin_for = [org_map[i] for i in self.profile.org_admin_for]
self.is_org_admin = self.is_host or bool(self.org_admin_for)
self.is_mentor = self.is_org_admin or bool(self.mentor_for)
class RedirectHelper(request_data.RedirectHelper):
"""Helper for constructing redirects.
def document(self, document):
"""Override this method to set GCI specific _url_name.
super(RedirectHelper, self).document(document)
self._url_name = 'show_gci_document'
return self
def homepage(self):
"""Sets the _url_name for the homepage of the current GCI program.
super(RedirectHelper, self).homepage()
self._url_name = 'gci_homepage'
return self
def dashboard(self):
"""Sets the _url_name for dashboard page of the current GCI program.
super(RedirectHelper, self).dashboard()
self._url_name = 'gci_dashboard'
return self
def events(self):
"""Sets the _url_name for the events page, if it is set.
super(RedirectHelper, self).events()
self._url_name = 'gci_events'
return self
def orgHomepage(self, link_id):
"""Sets the _url_name for the specified org homepage
super(RedirectHelper, self).orgHomepage(link_id)
self._url_name = 'gci_org_home'
return self
def request(self, request):
"""Sets the _url_name for a request.
assert request
if request.type == 'Request':
self._url_name = 'show_gci_request'
self._url_name = 'respond_gci_invite'
return self
def invite(self, role=None, organization=None):
"""Sets args for an url_patterns.INVITE redirect.
if not role:
assert 'role' in self._data.kwargs
role = self._data.kwargs['role']
self.kwargs['role'] = role
return self