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"""TLS Lite + SocketServer."""
from gdata.tlslite.TLSConnection import TLSConnection
class TLSSocketServerMixIn:
This class can be mixed in with any L{SocketServer.TCPServer} to
add TLS support.
To use this class, define a new class that inherits from it and
some L{SocketServer.TCPServer} (with the mix-in first). Then
implement the handshake() method, doing some sort of server
handshake on the connection argument. If the handshake method
returns True, the RequestHandler will be triggered. Below is a
complete example of a threaded HTTPS server::
from SocketServer import *
from BaseHTTPServer import *
from SimpleHTTPServer import *
from tlslite.api import *
s = open("./serverX509Cert.pem").read()
x509 = X509()
certChain = X509CertChain([x509])
s = open("./serverX509Key.pem").read()
privateKey = parsePEMKey(s, private=True)
sessionCache = SessionCache()
class MyHTTPServer(ThreadingMixIn, TLSSocketServerMixIn,
def handshake(self, tlsConnection):
tlsConnection.ignoreAbruptClose = True
return True
except TLSError, error:
print "Handshake failure:", str(error)
return False
httpd = MyHTTPServer(('localhost', 443), SimpleHTTPRequestHandler)
def finish_request(self, sock, client_address):
tlsConnection = TLSConnection(sock)
if self.handshake(tlsConnection) == True:
self.RequestHandlerClass(tlsConnection, client_address, self)
#Implement this method to do some form of handshaking. Return True
#if the handshake finishes properly and the request is authorized.
def handshake(self, tlsConnection):
raise NotImplementedError()