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# Copyright 2009 the Melange authors.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""The Melange Core module."""
import importlib
from django.conf import urls
class Error(Exception):
"""Error class for the callback module."""
class APIVersionMismatch(Error):
"""Error raised when API version mismatches.
MISMATCH_MSG_FMT = "API mismatch, expected '%d', got '%d'."
def __init__(self, expected, actual):
"""Instantiates a new exception with a customized message.
msg = self.MISMATCH_MSG_FMT % (expected, actual)
super(APIVersionMismatch, self).__init__(msg)
class MissingService(Error):
"""Error raised when a required service is missing.
MISSING_SERVICE_FMT = "Required service '%s' is not registered, known: %s"
def __init__(self, service, services):
"""Instantiates a new exception with a customized message.
msg = self.MISSING_SERVICE_FMT % (service, services)
super(MissingService, self).__init__(msg)
class MissingCapability(Error):
"""Error raised when a required capability is missing.
MISSING_CAPABILITY_FMT = "Required capability '%s' " + \
"is not registered, known: %s"
def __init__(self, capability, capabilities):
"""Instantiates a new exception with a customized message.
msg = self.MISSING_CAPABILITY_FMT % (capability, capabilities)
super(MissingCapability, self).__init__(msg)
class NonUniqueService(Error):
"""Error raised when a required service is missing.
NON_UNIQUE_SERVICE_FMT = "Unique service '%s' called a 2nd time, known: %s."
def __init__(self, service, services):
"""Instantiates a new exception with a customized message.
msg = self.NON_UNIQUE_SERVICE_FMT % (service, services)
super(NonUniqueService, self).__init__(msg)
class AlreadyRegisteredRight(Error):
"""Error raised when a right is registrated a second time
ALREADY_REGISTERED_RIGHT_FMT = "Tried to register right '%s' a second time."
def __init__(self, right):
"""Instantiates a new exception with a customized message.
super(AlreadyRegisteredRight, self).__init__(msg)
class Core(object):
"""The core handler that controls the Melange API."""
def __init__(self):
"""Creates a new instance of the Core."""
self.API_VERSION = 1
self.registered_callbacks = []
self.capabilities = [] = []
self.sitemap = []
self.program_map = []
## internal
def getService(self, callback, service):
"""Retrieves the specified service from the callback if supported.
callback: the callback to retrieve the capability from
service: the service to retrieve
if not hasattr(callback, service):
return False
func = getattr(callback, service)
if not callable(func):
return False
return func
def callService(self, service, unique, *args, **kwargs):
"""Calls the specified service on all callbacks.
if unique and (service in
results = []
for callback in self.registered_callbacks:
func = self.getService(callback, service)
if not func:
result = func(*args, **kwargs)
return results
## Core code
def initialize(self):
"""Performs the required initialization for all modules."""
self.callService('registerViews', True)
def getPatterns(self):
"""Returns the Django patterns for this site."""
self.callService('registerWithSitemap', True)
return urls.patterns(None, *self.sitemap)
### Core control code
### Called by other setup code to get the Core in a desired state.
def registerModuleCallbacks(self, callback_module_names):
"""Retrieves all callbacks for the modules of this site.
Callbacks for modules without a version number or the wrong API_VERSION
number are dropped. They won't be called.
callback_module_names: a list of strings corresponding to callback
modules that ought to be registered.
callback_modules = [
for module_name in callback_module_names]
for callback_module in callback_modules:
callback_class = callback_module.Callback
if callback_class.API_VERSION != self.API_VERSION:
raise APIVersionMismatch(self.API_VERSION,
callback = callback_class(self)
return True
## Module code
def registerCapability(self, capability):
"""Registers the specified capability.
def requireCapability(self, capability):
"""Requires that the specified capability is present.
if capability in self.capabilities:
return True
raise MissingCapability(capability, self.capabilities)
def requireService(self, service):
"""Requires that the specified service has been called.
if service in
return True
raise MissingService(service,
def requireUniqueService(self, service):
"""Requires that the specified service is called exactly once.
if service not in
return True
raise NonUniqueService(service,
def registerSitemapEntry(self, entries):
"""Registers the specified entries with the sitemap.
def registerProgramEntry(self, entry):
"""Registers the specified module's programs with the core.
def getProgramMap(self):
"""Returns a tuple containing all the programs for all the modules.
It returns tuple for all the modules which have registered their
Programs in the format required to field Django's choices parameter
in the form fields.
self.callService('registerWithProgramMap', True)
return self.program_map