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<div id="user-message" class="error">
This student is likely to be accepted by more than one organization.
Duplicate proposals listed below are ordered according to the preference indicated
by this student. Please use the contact information of the respective organizations
in the table given below to resolve this situation.
<table id="duplicate-orgs" class="proposal-duplicates">
<th><strong>Organization Name</strong></th>
<th><strong>Organization Administrators</strong></th>
<th><strong>Proposal Title</strong></th>
{% for proposal in duplicate_proposals %}
<td><a href="{{ proposal.org_url }}">{{ proposal.org_name }}</a></td>
{% for admin in proposal.org_admins %}
<a href="mailto:{{ }}">"{{ admin.public_name }}" &lt;{{ }}&gt;</a>{% if not forloop.last %}, {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
<td>{{ proposal.title }}</td>
{% endfor %}