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TiddlyWiki created by Jeremy Ruston, (jeremy [at] osmosoft [dot] com)
Copyright (c) UnaMesa Association 2004-2008
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,
are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this
list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other
materials provided with the distribution.
Neither the name of the UnaMesa Association nor the names of its contributors may be
used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific
prior written permission.
" />
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<title> Taggable - a portable mixin class for adding Tags to Google AppEngine Models </title>
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#javascriptWarning {width:100%; text-align:center; font-weight:bold; background-color:#dd1100; color:#fff; padding:1em 0em;}
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Welcome to TiddlyWiki created by Jeremy Ruston, Copyright &copy; 2007 UnaMesa Association
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<div id="backstageArea"><div id="backstageToolbar"></div></div>
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<div id="backstagePanel"></div>
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<div title="MarkupPreHead">
&lt;link rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml' title='RSS' href='index.xml'/&gt;
<div title="ColorPalette">
<pre>Background: #fff
Foreground: #000
PrimaryPale: #8cf
PrimaryLight: #18f
PrimaryMid: #04b
PrimaryDark: #014
SecondaryPale: #ffc
SecondaryLight: #fe8
SecondaryMid: #db4
SecondaryDark: #841
TertiaryPale: #eee
TertiaryLight: #ccc
TertiaryMid: #999
TertiaryDark: #666
Error: #f88</pre>
<div title="StyleSheetColors">
body {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
a {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
a:hover {background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
a img {border:0;}
h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]]; background:transparent;}
h1 {border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
h2,h3 {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.header {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.headerShadow {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.headerShadow a {font-weight:normal; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.headerForeground {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.headerForeground a {font-weight:normal; color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
border-right:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
.tabUnselected {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tabContents {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.tabContents .button {border:0;}
#sidebar {}
#sidebarOptions input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {border:none;color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:active {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizard h1 {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:none;}
.wizard h2 {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:none;}
.wizardStep {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];
border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizardStep.wizardStepDone {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.wizardFooter {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
.wizardFooter .status {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border: 1px solid;
border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.wizard .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: 1px solid;
border-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}
#messageArea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#messageArea .button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; border:none;}
.popupTiddler {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.popup {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-right:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.popup hr {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border-bottom:1px;}
.popup li.disabled {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.popup li a, .popup li a:visited {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:active {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popupHighlight {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.listBreak div {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.tiddler .defaultCommand {font-weight:bold;}
.shadow .title {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.title {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.subtitle {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.toolbar {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.selected .toolbar a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.tagging, .tagged {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];}
.selected .tagging, .selected .tagged {background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tagging .listTitle, .tagged .listTitle {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}
.tagging .button, .tagged .button {border:none;}
.footer {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .footer {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.sparkline {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]]; border:0;}
.sparktick {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}
.error, .errorButton {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Error]];}
.warning {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.lowlight {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.zoomer {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.imageLink, #displayArea .imageLink {background:transparent;}
.annotation {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.viewer .listTitle {list-style-type:none; margin-left:-2em;}
.viewer .button {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.viewer blockquote {border-left:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.viewer table, table.twtable {border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.viewer th, .viewer thead td, .twtable th, .twtable thead td {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.viewer td, .viewer tr, .twtable td, .twtable tr {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.viewer pre {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.viewer code {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.viewer hr {border:0; border-top:dashed 1px [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.highlight, .marked {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];}
.editor input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.editor textarea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; width:100%;}
.editorFooter {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
#backstageArea {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
#backstageArea a {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageArea a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; }
#backstageArea a.backstageSelTab {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageButton a {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageButton a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstagePanel {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border-color: [[ColorPalette::Background]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button {border:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageCloak {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; opacity:0.6; filter:'alpha(opacity:60)';}
<div title="StyleSheetLayout">
* html .tiddler {height:1%;}
body {font-size:.75em; font-family:arial,helvetica; margin:0; padding:0;}
h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none;}
h1,h2,h3 {padding-bottom:1px; margin-top:1.2em;margin-bottom:0.3em;}
h4,h5,h6 {margin-top:1em;}
h1 {font-size:1.35em;}
h2 {font-size:1.25em;}
h3 {font-size:1.1em;}
h4 {font-size:1em;}
h5 {font-size:.9em;}
hr {height:1px;}
a {text-decoration:none;}
dt {font-weight:bold;}
ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
.txtOptionInput {width:11em;}
#contentWrapper .chkOptionInput {border:0;}
.externalLink {text-decoration:underline;}
.indent {margin-left:3em;}
.outdent {margin-left:3em; text-indent:-3em;}
code.escaped {white-space:nowrap;}
.tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold;}
.tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-style:italic;}
/* the 'a' is required for IE, otherwise it renders the whole tiddler in bold */
a.tiddlyLinkNonExisting.shadow {font-weight:bold;}
#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkExisting,
#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkNonExisting,
#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-weight:normal; font-style:normal;}
#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold; font-style:normal;}
.header {position:relative;}
.header a:hover {background:transparent;}
.headerShadow {position:relative; padding:4.5em 0em 1em 1em; left:-1px; top:-1px;}
.headerForeground {position:absolute; padding:4.5em 0em 1em 1em; left:0px; top:0px;}
.siteTitle {font-size:3em;}
.siteSubtitle {font-size:1.2em;}
#mainMenu {position:absolute; left:0; width:10em; text-align:right; line-height:1.6em; padding:1.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; font-size:1.1em;}
#sidebar {position:absolute; right:3px; width:16em; font-size:.9em;}
#sidebarOptions {padding-top:0.3em;}
#sidebarOptions a {margin:0em 0.2em; padding:0.2em 0.3em; display:block;}
#sidebarOptions input {margin:0.4em 0.5em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {margin-left:1em; padding:0.5em; font-size:.85em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {font-weight:bold; display:inline; padding:0;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel input {margin:0 0 .3em 0;}
#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}
.wizard {padding:0.1em 1em 0em 2em;}
.wizard h1 {font-size:2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0em 0em 0em 0em; margin:0.4em 0em 0.2em 0em;}
.wizard h2 {font-size:1.2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0em 0em 0em 0em; margin:0.4em 0em 0.2em 0em;}
.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.wizard .button {margin:0.5em 0em 0em 0em; font-size:1.2em;}
.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0em;}
.wizardFooter .status {padding:0em 0.4em 0em 0.4em; margin-left:1em;}
.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em 0.1em 0.2em;}
#messageArea {position:fixed; top:2em; right:0em; margin:0.5em; padding:0.5em; z-index:2000; _position:absolute;}
.messageToolbar {display:block; text-align:right; padding:0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;}
#messageArea a {text-decoration:underline;}
.tiddlerPopupButton {padding:0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;}
.popupTiddler {position: absolute; z-index:300; padding:1em 1em 1em 1em; margin:0;}
.popup {position:absolute; z-index:300; font-size:.9em; padding:0; list-style:none; margin:0;}
.popup .popupMessage {padding:0.4em;}
.popup hr {display:block; height:1px; width:auto; padding:0; margin:0.2em 0em;}
.popup li.disabled {padding:0.4em;}
.popup li a {display:block; padding:0.4em; font-weight:normal; cursor:pointer;}
.listBreak {font-size:1px; line-height:1px;}
.listBreak div {margin:2px 0;}
.tabset {padding:1em 0em 0em 0.5em;}
.tab {margin:0em 0em 0em 0.25em; padding:2px;}
.tabContents {padding:0.5em;}
.tabContents ul, .tabContents ol {margin:0; padding:0;}
.txtMainTab .tabContents li {list-style:none;}
.tabContents li.listLink { margin-left:.75em;}
#contentWrapper {display:block;}
#splashScreen {display:none;}
#displayArea {margin:1em 17em 0em 14em;}
.toolbar {text-align:right; font-size:.9em;}
.tiddler {padding:1em 1em 0em 1em;}
.missing .viewer,.missing .title {font-style:italic;}
.title {font-size:1.6em; font-weight:bold;}
.missing .subtitle {display:none;}
.subtitle {font-size:1.1em;}
.tiddler .button {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
.tagging {margin:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0; float:left; display:none;}
.isTag .tagging {display:block;}
.tagged {margin:0.5em; float:right;}
.tagging, .tagged {font-size:0.9em; padding:0.25em;}
.tagging ul, .tagged ul {list-style:none; margin:0.25em; padding:0;}
.tagClear {clear:both;}
.footer {font-size:.9em;}
.footer li {display:inline;}
.annotation {padding:0.5em; margin:0.5em;}
* html .viewer pre {width:99%; padding:0 0 1em 0;}
.viewer {line-height:1.4em; padding-top:0.5em;}
.viewer .button {margin:0em 0.25em; padding:0em 0.25em;}
.viewer blockquote {line-height:1.5em; padding-left:0.8em;margin-left:2.5em;}
.viewer ul, .viewer ol {margin-left:0.5em; padding-left:1.5em;}
.viewer table, table.twtable {border-collapse:collapse; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;}
.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}
.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0em; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px;}
.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px 1px 0px;}
.sparkline {line-height:1em;}
.sparktick {outline:0;}
.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}
* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em 0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em 0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0em; right:0em;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em 0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; margin:0em 3em 0em 3em; padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em 0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}
.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
<div title="StyleSheetLocale">
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
<div title="StyleSheetPrint">
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none ! important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em 1em;}
/* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
noscript {display:none;}
<div title="PageTemplate">
&lt;div class='header' macro='gradient vert [[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]'&gt;
&lt;div class='headerShadow'&gt;
&lt;span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&amp;nbsp;
&lt;span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;
&lt;div class='headerForeground'&gt;
&lt;span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&amp;nbsp;
&lt;span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;
&lt;div id='mainMenu' refresh='content' tiddler='MainMenu'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div id='sidebar'&gt;
&lt;div id='sidebarOptions' refresh='content' tiddler='SideBarOptions'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div id='sidebarTabs' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div id='displayArea'&gt;
&lt;div id='messageArea'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div id='tiddlerDisplay'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
<div title="ViewTemplate">
&lt;div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar]]'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='title' macro='view title'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='subtitle'&gt;&lt;span macro='view modifier link'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;, &lt;span macro='view modified date'&gt;&lt;/span&gt; (&lt;span macro='message views.wikified.createdPrompt'&gt;&lt;/span&gt; &lt;span macro='view created date'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;)&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='tagging' macro='tagging'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='tagged' macro='tags'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='viewer' macro='view text wikified'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='tagClear'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
<div title="EditTemplate">
&lt;div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::EditToolbar]]'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='title' macro='view title'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='editor' macro='edit title'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div macro='annotations'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='editor' macro='edit text'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
&lt;div class='editor' macro='edit tags'&gt;&lt;/div&gt;&lt;div class='editorFooter'&gt;&lt;span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;span macro='tagChooser'&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
<div title="GettingStarted">
<pre>To get started with this blank TiddlyWiki, you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:
* SiteTitle &amp; SiteSubtitle: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above (after saving, they will also appear in the browser title bar)
* MainMenu: The menu (usually on the left)
* DefaultTiddlers: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the TiddlyWiki is opened
You'll also need to enter your username for signing your edits: &lt;&lt;option txtUserName&gt;&gt;</pre>
<div title="OptionsPanel">
<pre>These InterfaceOptions for customising TiddlyWiki are saved in your browser
Your username for signing your edits. Write it as a WikiWord (eg JoeBloggs)
&lt;&lt;option txtUserName&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;option chkSaveBackups&gt;&gt; SaveBackups
&lt;&lt;option chkAutoSave&gt;&gt; AutoSave
&lt;&lt;option chkRegExpSearch&gt;&gt; RegExpSearch
&lt;&lt;option chkCaseSensitiveSearch&gt;&gt; CaseSensitiveSearch
&lt;&lt;option chkAnimate&gt;&gt; EnableAnimations
Also see AdvancedOptions</pre>
<div title="ImportTiddlers">
<div id="storeArea">
<div title="AdamCrossland" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201949" modified="200805201951" changecount="2">
<pre>Adam is the author of ''Taggable.'' To find out more about him and other software that he has created, visit You can also visit his blog,, to see the code in action; he created ''Taggable'' as part of the blogging software project the he wrote as a vehicle to learn about [[Google AppEngine]].</pre>
<div title="Apache 2.0 Open Source license" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805202001" modified="200805211430" changecount="5">
Copyright 2008 Adam A. Crossland
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the &quot;License&quot;);
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an &quot;AS IS&quot; BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
<div title="ChangeLog" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812041728" modified="200812042045" changecount="9">
Initial release
This release has major changes to both [[Tag|Tag Class]] and [[Taggable|Taggable Class]], reflecting significant and important lessons that [[the author|AdamCrossland]] learned about [[Google AppEngine]]. Specifically, this release's changes should substantially improve the performance of any code that uses tags.
*[[Tag|Tag Class]] entities are now stored with a custom key_name that allows them to be much-more-quickly retrieved from the data store.
*The [[Tag|Tag Class]] has been rewritten to breakdown Tag/Taggable interactions in to a series of simple, atomic transactions.
*[[Tag|Tag Class]] has a new property, [[tagged_count|Tag tagged_count Property]], that records the number of Taggable entities in its [[tagged|Tag tagged Property]] property.
*Two new methods, [[get_tags_by_frequency|Tag get_tags_by_frequency Method]] and [[popular_tags|Tag popular_tags Method]], provide access to lists of [[Tags|Tag Class]] based on the number of [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] entities to which they refer.
*A new method, [[get_tags_by_name|Tag get_tags_by_name Method]], provides lists of tags in alphabetical order.
*The [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] class has been greatly simplified. Multiple methods for getting and setting tags have been replaced with a single property, [[tags|Taggable tags Property]], that handles both getting and setting operations.
*A full suite of automated unit tests for both classes has been created.</pre>
<div title="Contact" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805211444" changecount="1">
<pre>If you have any questions or suggestions about ''Taggable'', please feel free to contact the author, AdamCrossland, at Alternatively, you could post the question in &lt;html&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;the Google AppEngine Group.&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/html&gt;</pre>
<div title="Contribute" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805211441" changecount="1">
<pre>If you are using ''Taggable'' and you have some changes, improvements or bug fixes that you'd like to contribute, please contact AdamCrossland at</pre>
<div title="Converting from 1.0 to 2.0" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812051535" modified="200812051536" changecount="2">
<pre>Because the Tag records are stored and queried slightly differently (yet much-more efficiently) in //Taggable-mixin 2.0//, an existing application will have to go through a process of converting all of its existing tags.
For AdamCBlog, the application from which //Taggable-mixin// is extracted, I added a new RequestHandler called UpdateTag:
class UpdateTag(RequestHandler):
def get(self):
from taggable import Tag
tag_name = self.request.get('tag')
tag = db.Query(Tag).filter('tag =', tag_name).fetch(1)[0]
if tag is not None:
new_tag = Tag.get_or_create(tag_name)
for each_tagged in tag.tagged:
Then, I made the request /~UpdateTag?tag=//inserttaghere// for each Tag in the datastore. Yes, it is laborious.
Why not just create a RequestHandler that cycled through all of the tags automatically, converting them as it went? I tried that, but there is too much processing involved; the request uses up its time quota and is killed before it can finish.</pre>
<div title="DateTimeProperty" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042027" tags="appengine" changecount="1">
<pre>A [[Google AppEngine]] datastore property that holds a Python //datetime//.</pre>
<div title="DefaultTiddlers" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805202104" changecount="1">
<div title="Google AppEngine" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201811" modified="200805202010" changecount="3">
<pre>Google ~AppEngine is Google's platform for developing web applications that run inside Google's computing cloud.
Find out more about it at &lt;html&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;The Google AppEngine website&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/html&gt;.
<div title="IntegerProperty" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812041949" tags="appengine" changecount="1">
<pre>A [[Google AppEngine]] datastore property that holds a Python //long//.</pre>
<div title="Introduction" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201810" modified="200812051536" changecount="8">
<pre>''Taggable'' is a &lt;html&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;mixin&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/html&gt; class that AdamCrossland created in order to add [[tags|Tag Definition]] to his personal blog ( which is built on [[Google AppEngine]]. The design seemed clean and portable, so he decided to share it with the greater [[AppEngine|Google AppEngine]] community. It is available under [[Apache 2.0 Open Source license]].
Users of taggable-mixin 1.0 should note that taggable-mixin 2.0 is not directly compatible with 1.0. While it is possible to upgrade, existing Tag entities will have to be [[converted|Converting from 1.0 to 2.0]].</pre>
<div title="Key Class" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042055" tags="appengine" changecount="1">
<pre>A [[Google AppEngine]] class that represents a unique key for a datastore entity.</pre>
<div title="ListProperty" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042030" tags="appengine" changecount="1">
<pre>A [[Google AppEngine]] datastore property that represents a Python //list//.</pre>
<div title="MainMenu" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201814" modified="200812041913" changecount="10">
&lt;&lt;tag api&gt;&gt;
[[License|Apache 2.0 Open Source license]]
<div title="RequestHandler" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805211437" modified="200805211438" changecount="4">
<pre>A //~RequestHandler// is a Python class that inherits from //webapp.~RequestHandler//. It is used to answer HTTP requests that are received by your [[Google AppEngine]] application. For more information on this subject, please consult the &lt;html&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;documentation.&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/html&gt;
<div title="SideBarOptions" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805211439" changecount="1">
<pre>&lt;&lt;search&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;closeAll&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;permaview&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;newTiddler&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;saveChanges&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;slider chkSliderOptionsPanel OptionsPanel &quot;options ยป&quot; &quot;Change TiddlyWiki advanced options&quot;&gt;&gt;</pre>
<div title="SiteSubtitle" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201806" modified="200805201807" changecount="2">
<pre>a portable mixin class for adding Tags to Google ~AppEngine Models</pre>
<div title="SiteTitle" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201805" changecount="1">
<div title="StepByStep" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201831" modified="200812041926" tags="help examples code" changecount="14">
<pre>Here's a step-by-step guide to adding ''Taggable'' to your [[Google AppEngine]] application. This presents the simplest, most straightforward path to integrating ''Taggable'' as as such, it does not cover all of the options that are available.
All of the code examples are modified extracts from the blogging software for which I originally created ''Taggable.'' //''These examples do not represent what the author considers to be complete and secure code; please make sure that you are familiar with best practices for building secure web applications before creating a web application. The author of this document and the accompanying code bears no responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damages that you incur as a result of failing to take the appropriate steps to create a stable, secure, well-written web application.''//
*Copy [[]] to your application directory.
*Import [[]] into the python file that defines the Model that you want to make taggable:
from taggable import Taggable
*Add //Taggable// to the list of classes from which your Model class inherits. Taggable -- and any other mixin classes -- should come before db.Model:
class Post(Taggable, db.Model):
*Add code to your Model's //init// method to call Taggable's //init// method. If your Model class does not already override //init//, it will have to, and you will have to explicitly call the //init// method of any other superclass -- such as db.Model:
def __init__(self, parent=None, key_name=None, app=None, **entity_values):
db.Model.__init__(self, parent, key_name, app, **entity_values)
*Add code to your template to express the tagging information:
{% if post.tags %}
&lt;div class=&quot;posttags&quot;&gt;tags:&amp;nbsp;
{% for each_tag in post.tags %}
&lt;a href=&quot;/searchbytag?tag={{ each_tag.tag|escape }}&quot;&gt;{{ each_tag.tag }}&lt;/a&gt;{% if forloop.last %}{% else %}, {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
&lt;input type=&quot;TEXT&quot; name=&quot;tags&quot; size=&quot;106&quot; value=&quot;{% if post %}{{ post.tags_string }}{% endif %}&quot; /&gt;
*In any RequestHandler method that updates a Model object that has tags associated with it, assign any new value to the ''Taggable'' object's [[tags|TaggableTagsProperty]]:
class EditPost(SmartHandler.SmartHandler):
def post(self):
postid = self.request.get('id')
post = Post.get(postid)
post.title = self.request.get('title')
post.body = self.request.get('body')
post.edited =
post.tags = self.request.get('tags')
. do whatever else you need to do in your handler...
<div title="StringProperty" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042024" tags="appengine" changecount="1">
<pre>A [[Google AppEngine]] datastore property that holds a Python //string// of 500 characters or less.</pre>
<div title="Tag Class" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812041942" modified="200812050051" tags="api" changecount="6">
<pre>The //Tag// class is the Model class that holds the data for an individual [[tag|Tag Definition]].
It has four properties:
*[[tag|Tag tag Property]]
*[[added|Tag tag_added Property]]
*[[tagged|Tag tagged Property]]
*[[tagged_count|Tag tagged_count Property]]
and ten methods:
*[[remove_tagged|Tag remove_tagged Method]]
*[[add_tagged|Tag add_tagged Method]]
*[[clear_tagged|Tag clear_tagged Method]]
*[[get_by_name|Tag get_by_name Method]]
*[[get_tags_for_key|Tag get_tags_for_key Method]]
*[[get_or_create|Tag get_or_create Method]]
*[[get_tags_by_frequency|Tag get_tags_by_frequency Method]]
*[[get_tags_by_name|Tag get_tags_by_name Method]]
*[[popular_tags|Tag popular_tags Method]]
*[[expire_cached_tags|Tag expire_cached_tags Method]]</pre>
<div title="Tag Definition" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812050049" changecount="1">
<pre>A //Tag// is a word or short phrase that acts as metadata; it describes and increases the searchability and findability of data.</pre>
<div title="Tag add_tagged Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042059" modified="200812042332" tags="api" changecount="3">
* key - a [[Key|Key Class]] for a //Taggable// Model to mark with the [[Tag|Tag Class]]
Returns: nothing
The //add_tagged// method adds the [[Key|Key Class]] passed in to the Tag's [[tagged|Tag tagged Property]] collection and increments the [[tagged_count|Tag tagged_count Property]]. The operations are performed inside a transaction to ensure data intergity.
Under most circumstances, the programmer will not need to call //add_tagged// directly; it is meant to be used internally by the [[Tagged Class]]. However, it is available for use by those who wish to customize the behavior of Taggable.</pre>
<div title="Tag clear_tagged Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042103" modified="200812042332" tags="api" changecount="2">
* key - a [[Key|Key Class]] for a //Taggable// object.
Returns: nothing
The //clear_tagged// method empties the Tag's [[tagged|Tag tagged Property]] collection and sets the [[tagged_count|Tag tagged_count Property]] to zero. The operations are performed inside a transaction to ensure data intergity.
Under most circumstances, the programmer will not need to call //clear_tagged// directly; it is meant to be used internally by the [[Tagged Class]]. However, it is available for use by those who wish to customize the behavior of Taggable.</pre>
<div title="Tag expire_cached_tags Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812050015" tags="api" changecount="1">
Returns: nothing
This method removes from memcache any objects that have been cached by other [[Tag|Tag Class]] methods. Usually, the programmer will not call this method directly, as it is used behind-the-scenes by code that affects the validity of the cached items. It is available, however, in case the programmer wishes to customize existing behavior.</pre>
<div title="Tag get_by_name Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042151" modified="200812042227" tags="api example" changecount="5">
*tag_name - the tag, in text form
Returns: a [[Tag|Tag Class]] or //None//
class SearchByTag(RequestHandler):
def get(self):
from post import Post
from taggable import Tag
requested_tag = self.request.get('tag')
if requested_tag is not None and len(requested_tag) &gt; 0:
tag = Tag.get_by_name(requested_tag)
posts = None
if tag is not None:
posts = Post.get(tag.tagged)
self.template_values['posts'] = posts
<div title="Tag get_or_create Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042332" modified="200812042334" tags="api" changecount="2">
*tag_name - the name of the tag that is to be retrieved from or created in the datastore
Returns: a [[Tag|Tag Class]]
for each_tag in tags:
each_tag = string.strip(each_tag)
if len(each_tag) &gt; 0 and each_tag not in self.__tags:
# A tag that was not previously assigned to this entity
# is present in the list that is being assigned, so we
# associate this entity with the tag.
tag = Tag.get_or_create(each_tag)
<div title="Tag get_tags_by_frequency Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042356" tags="api" changecount="1">
*limit - the number of records to return; the maximum is 1000
Returns: a list of [[Tag|Tag Class]] objects, ordered by the number of //Taggable// objects assigned to it.
def popular_tags(cls, limit=5):
from google.appengine.api import memcache
tags = memcache.get('popular_tags')
if tags is None:
tags = Tag.get_tags_by_frequency(limit)
memcache.add('popular_tags', tags, 3600)
return tags
<div title="Tag get_tags_by_name Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812050018" tags="api" changecount="1">
*tag_name - the string value of a [[Tag|Tag Class]] to be retrieved from the datastore
Returns: a [[Tag|Tag Class]] object or None if the given //tag_name// does not exist
requested_tag = self.request.get('tag')
if requested_tag is not None and len(requested_tag) &gt; 0:
tag = Tag.get_by_name(requested_tag)
posts = None
if tag is not None:
posts = Post.get(tag.tagged)
self.template_values['posts'] = posts
<div title="Tag get_tags_for_key Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042318" modified="200812042355" tags="api example" changecount="2">
*key - a [[Key|Key Class]] for a //Taggable// object.
Returns: a //list// of [[Tag|Tag Class]] objects
def __get_tags(self):
&quot;Get a List of Tag objects for all Tags that apply to this object.&quot;
if self.__tags is None or len(self.__tags) == 0:
self.__tags = Tag.get_tags_for_key(self.key())
return self.__tags
<div title="Tag popular_tags Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812050000" tags="api" changecount="1">
*limit - the number of records to return; the default is 5 and the maximum is 1000
Returns: a list of [[Tag|Tag Class]] objects, ordered by the number of [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] objects assigned to it.
This method is a thin wrapper around [[get_tags_by_frequency|Tag get_tags_by_frequency]] that caches the returned values.
self.template_values['popular_tags'] = Tag.popular_tags()
<div title="Tag remove_tagged Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042054" modified="200812042332" tags="api" changecount="5">
* key - a [[Key|Key Class]] for a //Taggable// object.
Returns: nothing
The //remove_tagged// method removes the [[Key|Key Class]] passed in from the Tag's [[tagged|Tag tagged Property]] collection and decrements the [[tagged_count|Tag tagged_count Property]]. The operations are performed inside a transaction to ensure data intergity.
Under most circumstances, the programmer will not need to call //remove_tagged// directly; it is meant to be used internally by the [[Tagged Class]]. However, it is available for use by those who wish to customize the behavior of Taggable.</pre>
<div title="Tag tag Property" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042022" tags="api" changecount="1">
<pre>A StringProperty that holds the name or value of the tag.</pre>
<div title="Tag tag_added Property" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042025" modified="200812042026" tags="api" changecount="2">
<pre>The DateTimeProperty that records that date and time that the [[Tag|TagClass]] was first added.</pre>
<div title="Tag tagged Property" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812042028" tags="api" changecount="1">
<pre>A ListProperty that holds the Keys of all of the entities that have the given [[Tag|TagClass]] assigned to them.</pre>
<div title="Tag tagged_count Property" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812041947" modified="200812042018" tags="api" changecount="3">
<pre>An IntegerProperty that holds the number of items that have the Tag assigned to them.</pre>
<div title="Taggable Class" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812050054" modified="200812051431" tags="api" changecount="8">
<pre>The //Taggable// class can be mixed-in to any other Python class that inherits from //db.Model// in order to associate [[Tags|Tag Definition]] with that model. For instance, if you were creating blogging software, one of your fundamental objects would be a //Post// that would comprise all of the information about an individual entry in your blog. Usually, a Post can have [[Tags|Tag Definition]] added to it in order to provide easily-digested information to the reader about the content.
It has two properties:
*[[tags|Taggable tags Property]]
*[[tag_separator|Taggable tag_separator Property]]
and one method:
*[[tags_string|Taggable tags_string Method]]
class Post(Taggable, db.Model):
index = db.IntegerProperty(required=True, default=0)
body = db.TextProperty(required = True)
title = db.StringProperty()
added = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)
added_month = db.IntegerProperty()
added_year = db.IntegerProperty()
edited = db.DateTimeProperty()
def __init__(self, parent=None, key_name=None, app=None, **entity_values):
db.Model.__init__(self, parent, key_name, app, **entity_values)
*Notice that [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] is placed before db.Model in the inheritance list. While this is not strictly required for //Taggable-mixin// to function correctly, it //is// required for other mixin classes, and it is generally a good practice.
*It //is// required that the [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] //init// method is explicitly called, so it should be placed in the inherting class's //init// method. If the class would not otherwise have one, it should be created, and the db.Model //init// must be called as well, as shown.</pre>
<div title="Taggable tag_separator Property" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201936" modified="200812042033" tags="api" changecount="6">
<pre>The //tag_separator// property is the string that is used to separate individual tags in a string representation of a list of tags. It is used by the [[tags property|TaggableTagsProperty]] to parse a string that may contain one or more tags to be applied to a [[Taggable|TaggableClass]] object. It is also used by the [[tags_string|TaggableTagsStringMethod]] method to construct a string representation of the tags for a [[Taggable|TaggableClass]] object.
*By default, it is set to a comma (','), but it can be programatically-set to whatever value the developer desires
*It is probably best to avoid using whitespace characters, as that would prevent users from entering multi-word tags
*Custom separator values can be set at different levels.
**To set one value for all [[Taggable|TaggableClass]] objects, modify the //init// method in the //Taggable// class in the file:
class Taggable:
def __init__(self):
self.tag_separator = &quot;;&quot; # Made it semi-colon instead of comma
**To set one value for all instances of a particular [[Taggable|TaggableClass]] class, modify the //init// method of that class:
class Post(Taggable, db.Model):
body = db.TextProperty(required = True)
title = db.StringProperty()
added = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)
edited = db.DateTimeProperty()
def __init__(self, parent=None, key_name=None, app=None, **entity_values):
db.Model.__init__(self, parent, key_name, app, **entity_values)
self.tag_separator = &quot;;&quot; # Made it semi-colon instead of comma
**To set a value for one particular instance of a [[Taggable|TaggableClass]] class, set the value after creating the instance:
newpost = Post(title = self.request.get('title'), body = self.request.get('body'))
newpost.tag_separator = &quot;;&quot; # Made it semi-colon instead of comma
newpost.set_tags_from_string(&quot;foo; bar; bletch; this is a tag; tags rule&quot;
<div title="Taggable tags Property" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812051447" modified="200812051516" tags="api" changecount="2">
<pre>The a [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] class's //tags// property is used to assign [[Tags|Tag Class]] to the [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] instance or retrieve a //list// of those already assigned.
Assignment Example:
class Post(Taggable, db.Model):
index = db.IntegerProperty(required=True, default=0)
body = db.TextProperty(required = True)
title = db.StringProperty()
added = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)
added_month = db.IntegerProperty()
added_year = db.IntegerProperty()
edited = db.DateTimeProperty()
def __init__(self, parent=None, key_name=None, app=None, **entity_values):
db.Model.__init__(self, parent, key_name, app, **entity_values)
def new_post(cls, new_title=None, new_body=None, new_tags=[]):
if new_title is not None and new_body is not None:
new_post = Post(title = new_title, body = new_body)
new_post.tags = new_tags
raise Exception(&quot;Must supply both new_title and new_body when creating a new Post.&quot;)
Retrieval Example:
{% if post.tags %}
&lt;div class=&quot;posttags&quot;&gt;tags:&amp;nbsp;
{% for each_tag in post.tags %}
&lt;a href=&quot;/searchbytag?tag={{ each_tag.tag|escape }}&quot;&gt;{{ each_tag.tag }}&lt;/a&gt;{% if forloop.last %}{% else %}, {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
<div title="Taggable tags_string Method" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200812051441" modified="200812051441" tags="api" changecount="3">
Returns: a string representation of the tags assigned to the [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] instance.
This method simply joins the string versions of each [[Tag|Tag Class]] in the [[Taggable|Taggable Class]] class's //list//, placing the value stored in [[tag_separator|Taggable tag_separator Property]] inbetween each element.</pre>
<div title="TaggableAPI" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201953" modified="200805201956" changecount="6">
<pre>&lt;&lt;tagging api&gt;&gt;</pre>
<div title="get_tags_as_string" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201952" modified="200812041913" tags="obsolete" changecount="2">
<pre>The //get_tags_as_string// method creates a string representation of all of the tags that apply to a ''Taggable'' object.</pre>
<div title="set_tags" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201919" modified="200812041848" tags="obsolete" changecount="2">
<pre>The //set_tags// method sets the tags for a ''Taggable'' object from a list of strings:
tag_list = [&quot;foo&quot;, &quot;bar&quot;, &quot;bletch&quot;,&quot;this is a tag&quot;, &quot;tags rule&quot;]
<div title="set_tags_from_string" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201926" modified="200812041848" tags="obsolete" changecount="3">
<pre>The //set_tags_from_string method// sets the tags for a Taggable object from a string that contains one or more tags separated by the character or characters in //self.tag_seperator//:
tag_list = &quot;foo, bar, bletch, this is a tag, tags rule&quot;
By default, [[tag_separator|tag_separator]] is set to a comma (','), but it can be anything that the programmer wants.</pre>
<div title="" modifier="AdamCrossland" created="200805201904" modified="200805201946" changecount="2">
<pre>All of the code for the ''Taggable'' mixin class lives in the file Simply copy this file in to your Google ~AppEngine main directory, and it should be available to your code.</pre>
<script id="jsArea" type="text/javascript">
// Please note:
// * This code is designed to be readable but for compactness it only includes brief comments. You can see fuller comments
// in the project Subversion repository at
// * You should never need to modify this source code directly. TiddlyWiki is carefully designed to allow deep customisation
// without changing the core code. Please consult the development group at
//-- Configuration repository
// Miscellaneous options
var config = {
numRssItems: 20, // Number of items in the RSS feed
animDuration: 400, // Duration of UI animations in milliseconds
cascadeFast: 20, // Speed for cascade animations (higher == slower)
cascadeSlow: 60, // Speed for EasterEgg cascade animations
cascadeDepth: 5, // Depth of cascade animation
locale: "en" // W3C language tag
// Hashmap of alternative parsers for the wikifier
config.parsers = {};
// Adaptors
config.adaptors = {};
config.defaultAdaptor = null;
// Backstage tasks
config.tasks = {};
// Annotations
config.annotations = {};
// Custom fields to be automatically added to new tiddlers
config.defaultCustomFields = {};
// Messages
config.messages = {
messageClose: {},
dates: {},
tiddlerPopup: {}
// Options that can be set in the options panel and/or cookies
config.options = {
chkRegExpSearch: false,
chkCaseSensitiveSearch: false,
chkIncrementalSearch: true,
chkAnimate: true,
chkSaveBackups: true,
chkAutoSave: false,
chkGenerateAnRssFeed: false,
chkSaveEmptyTemplate: false,
chkOpenInNewWindow: true,
chkToggleLinks: false,
chkHttpReadOnly: true,
chkForceMinorUpdate: false,
chkConfirmDelete: true,
chkInsertTabs: false,
chkUsePreForStorage: true, // Whether to use <pre> format for storage
chkDisplayInstrumentation: false,
txtBackupFolder: "",
txtEditorFocus: "text",
txtMainTab: "tabTimeline",
txtMoreTab: "moreTabAll",
txtMaxEditRows: "30",
txtFileSystemCharSet: "UTF-8",
txtTheme: ""
config.optionsDesc = {};
// List of notification functions to be called when certain tiddlers are changed or deleted
config.notifyTiddlers = [
{name: "StyleSheetLayout", notify: refreshStyles},
{name: "StyleSheetColors", notify: refreshStyles},
{name: "StyleSheet", notify: refreshStyles},
{name: "StyleSheetPrint", notify: refreshStyles},
{name: "PageTemplate", notify: refreshPageTemplate},
{name: "SiteTitle", notify: refreshPageTitle},
{name: "SiteSubtitle", notify: refreshPageTitle},
{name: "ColorPalette", notify: refreshColorPalette},
{name: null, notify: refreshDisplay}
// Default tiddler templates
config.tiddlerTemplates = {
1: "ViewTemplate",
2: "EditTemplate"
// More messages (rather a legacy layout that shouldn't really be like this)
config.views = {
wikified: {
tag: {}
editor: {
tagChooser: {}
// Backstage tasks
config.backstageTasks = ["save","sync","importTask","tweak","upgrade","plugins"];
// Macros; each has a 'handler' member that is inserted later
config.macros = {
today: {},
version: {},
search: {sizeTextbox: 15},
tiddler: {},
tag: {},
tags: {},
tagging: {},
timeline: {},
allTags: {},
list: {
all: {},
missing: {},
orphans: {},
shadowed: {},
touched: {},
filter: {}
closeAll: {},
permaview: {},
saveChanges: {},
slider: {},
option: {},
options: {},
newTiddler: {},
newJournal: {},
tabs: {},
gradient: {},
message: {},
view: {defaultView: "text"},
edit: {},
tagChooser: {},
toolbar: {},
plugins: {},
refreshDisplay: {},
importTiddlers: {},
upgrade: {
source: "",
backupExtension: "pre.core.upgrade"
sync: {},
annotations: {}
// Commands supported by the toolbar macro
config.commands = {
closeTiddler: {},
closeOthers: {},
editTiddler: {},
saveTiddler: {hideReadOnly: true},
cancelTiddler: {},
deleteTiddler: {hideReadOnly: true},
permalink: {},
references: {type: "popup"},
jump: {type: "popup"},
syncing: {type: "popup"},
fields: {type: "popup"}
// Browser detection... In a very few places, there's nothing else for it but to know what browser we're using.
config.userAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
config.browser = {
isIE: config.userAgent.indexOf("msie") != -1 && config.userAgent.indexOf("opera") == -1,
isGecko: config.userAgent.indexOf("gecko") != -1,
ieVersion: /MSIE (\d.\d)/i.exec(config.userAgent), // config.browser.ieVersion[1], if it exists, will be the IE version string, eg "6.0"
isSafari: config.userAgent.indexOf("applewebkit") != -1,
isBadSafari: !((new RegExp("[\u0150\u0170]","g")).test("\u0150")),
firefoxDate: /gecko\/(\d{8})/i.exec(config.userAgent), // config.browser.firefoxDate[1], if it exists, will be Firefox release date as "YYYYMMDD"
isOpera: config.userAgent.indexOf("opera") != -1,
isLinux: config.userAgent.indexOf("linux") != -1,
isUnix: config.userAgent.indexOf("x11") != -1,
isMac: config.userAgent.indexOf("mac") != -1,
isWindows: config.userAgent.indexOf("win") != -1
// Basic regular expressions
config.textPrimitives = {
upperLetter: "[A-Z\u00c0-\u00de\u0150\u0170]",
lowerLetter: "[a-z0-9_\\-\u00df-\u00ff\u0151\u0171]",
anyLetter: "[A-Za-z0-9_\\-\u00c0-\u00de\u00df-\u00ff\u0150\u0170\u0151\u0171]",
anyLetterStrict: "[A-Za-z0-9\u00c0-\u00de\u00df-\u00ff\u0150\u0170\u0151\u0171]"
if(config.browser.isBadSafari) {
config.textPrimitives = {
upperLetter: "[A-Z\u00c0-\u00de]",
lowerLetter: "[a-z0-9_\\-\u00df-\u00ff]",
anyLetter: "[A-Za-z0-9_\\-\u00c0-\u00de\u00df-\u00ff]",
anyLetterStrict: "[A-Za-z0-9\u00c0-\u00de\u00df-\u00ff]"
config.textPrimitives.sliceSeparator = "::";
config.textPrimitives.sectionSeparator = "##";
config.textPrimitives.urlPattern = "(?:file|http|https|mailto|ftp|irc|news|data):[^\\s'\"]+(?:/|\\b)";
config.textPrimitives.unWikiLink = "~";
config.textPrimitives.wikiLink = "(?:(?:" + config.textPrimitives.upperLetter + "+" +
config.textPrimitives.lowerLetter + "+" +
config.textPrimitives.upperLetter +
config.textPrimitives.anyLetter + "*)|(?:" +
config.textPrimitives.upperLetter + "{2,}" +
config.textPrimitives.lowerLetter + "+))";
config.textPrimitives.cssLookahead = "(?:(" + config.textPrimitives.anyLetter + "+)\\(([^\\)\\|\\n]+)(?:\\):))|(?:(" + config.textPrimitives.anyLetter + "+):([^;\\|\\n]+);)";
config.textPrimitives.cssLookaheadRegExp = new RegExp(config.textPrimitives.cssLookahead,"mg");
config.textPrimitives.brackettedLink = "\\[\\[([^\\]]+)\\]\\]";
config.textPrimitives.titledBrackettedLink = "\\[\\[([^\\[\\]\\|]+)\\|([^\\[\\]\\|]+)\\]\\]";
config.textPrimitives.tiddlerForcedLinkRegExp = new RegExp("(?:" + config.textPrimitives.titledBrackettedLink + ")|(?:" +
config.textPrimitives.brackettedLink + ")|(?:" +
config.textPrimitives.urlPattern + ")","mg");
config.textPrimitives.tiddlerAnyLinkRegExp = new RegExp("("+ config.textPrimitives.wikiLink + ")|(?:" +
config.textPrimitives.titledBrackettedLink + ")|(?:" +
config.textPrimitives.brackettedLink + ")|(?:" +
config.textPrimitives.urlPattern + ")","mg");
config.glyphs = {
browsers: [
function() {return config.browser.isIE;},
function() {return true;}
currBrowser: null,
codes: {
downTriangle: ["\u25BC","\u25BE"],
downArrow: ["\u2193","\u2193"],
bentArrowLeft: ["\u2190","\u21A9"],
bentArrowRight: ["\u2192","\u21AA"]
//-- Shadow tiddlers
config.shadowTiddlers = {
StyleSheet: "",
MarkupPreHead: "",
MarkupPostHead: "",
MarkupPreBody: "",
MarkupPostBody: "",
TabTimeline: '<<timeline>>',
TabAll: '<<list all>>',
TabTags: '<<allTags excludeLists>>',
TabMoreMissing: '<<list missing>>',
TabMoreOrphans: '<<list orphans>>',
TabMoreShadowed: '<<list shadowed>>',
AdvancedOptions: '<<options>>',
PluginManager: '<<plugins>>'
//-- Translateable strings
// Strings in "double quotes" should be translated; strings in 'single quotes' should be left alone
txtUserName: "YourName"});
save: {text: "save", tooltip: "Save your changes to this TiddlyWiki", action: saveChanges},
sync: {text: "sync", tooltip: "Synchronise changes with other TiddlyWiki files and servers", content: '<<sync>>'},
importTask: {text: "import", tooltip: "Import tiddlers and plugins from other TiddlyWiki files and servers", content: '<<importTiddlers>>'},
tweak: {text: "tweak", tooltip: "Tweak the appearance and behaviour of TiddlyWiki", content: '<<options>>'},
upgrade: {text: "upgrade", tooltip: "Upgrade TiddlyWiki core code", content: '<<upgrade>>'},
plugins: {text: "plugins", tooltip: "Manage installed plugins", content: '<<plugins>>'}
// Options that can be set in the options panel and/or cookies
txtUserName: "Username for signing your edits",
chkRegExpSearch: "Enable regular expressions for searches",
chkCaseSensitiveSearch: "Case-sensitive searching",
chkIncrementalSearch: "Incremental key-by-key searching",
chkAnimate: "Enable animations",
chkSaveBackups: "Keep backup file when saving changes",
chkAutoSave: "Automatically save changes",
chkGenerateAnRssFeed: "Generate an RSS feed when saving changes",
chkSaveEmptyTemplate: "Generate an empty template when saving changes",
chkOpenInNewWindow: "Open external links in a new window",
chkToggleLinks: "Clicking on links to open tiddlers causes them to close",
chkHttpReadOnly: "Hide editing features when viewed over HTTP",
chkForceMinorUpdate: "Don't update modifier username and date when editing tiddlers",
chkConfirmDelete: "Require confirmation before deleting tiddlers",
chkInsertTabs: "Use the tab key to insert tab characters instead of moving between fields",
txtBackupFolder: "Name of folder to use for backups",
txtMaxEditRows: "Maximum number of rows in edit boxes",
txtFileSystemCharSet: "Default character set for saving changes (Firefox/Mozilla only)"});
customConfigError: "Problems were encountered loading plugins. See PluginManager for details",
pluginError: "Error: %0",
pluginDisabled: "Not executed because disabled via 'systemConfigDisable' tag",
pluginForced: "Executed because forced via 'systemConfigForce' tag",
pluginVersionError: "Not executed because this plugin needs a newer version of TiddlyWiki",
nothingSelected: "Nothing is selected. You must select one or more items first",
savedSnapshotError: "It appears that this TiddlyWiki has been incorrectly saved. Please see for details",
subtitleUnknown: "(unknown)",
undefinedTiddlerToolTip: "The tiddler '%0' doesn't yet exist",
shadowedTiddlerToolTip: "The tiddler '%0' doesn't yet exist, but has a pre-defined shadow value",
tiddlerLinkTooltip: "%0 - %1, %2",
externalLinkTooltip: "External link to %0",
noTags: "There are no tagged tiddlers",
notFileUrlError: "You need to save this TiddlyWiki to a file before you can save changes",
cantSaveError: "It's not possible to save changes. Possible reasons include:\n- your browser doesn't support saving (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera all work if properly configured)\n- the pathname to your TiddlyWiki file contains illegal characters\n- the TiddlyWiki HTML file has been moved or renamed",
invalidFileError: "The original file '%0' does not appear to be a valid TiddlyWiki",
backupSaved: "Backup saved",
backupFailed: "Failed to save backup file",
rssSaved: "RSS feed saved",
rssFailed: "Failed to save RSS feed file",
emptySaved: "Empty template saved",
emptyFailed: "Failed to save empty template file",
mainSaved: "Main TiddlyWiki file saved",
mainFailed: "Failed to save main TiddlyWiki file. Your changes have not been saved",
macroError: "Error in macro <<\%0>>",
macroErrorDetails: "Error while executing macro <<\%0>>:\n%1",
missingMacro: "No such macro",
overwriteWarning: "A tiddler named '%0' already exists. Choose OK to overwrite it",
unsavedChangesWarning: "WARNING! There are unsaved changes in TiddlyWiki\n\nChoose OK to save\nChoose CANCEL to discard",
confirmExit: "--------------------------------\n\nThere are unsaved changes in TiddlyWiki. If you continue you will lose those changes\n\n--------------------------------",
saveInstructions: "SaveChanges",
unsupportedTWFormat: "Unsupported TiddlyWiki format '%0'",
tiddlerSaveError: "Error when saving tiddler '%0'",
tiddlerLoadError: "Error when loading tiddler '%0'",
wrongSaveFormat: "Cannot save with storage format '%0'. Using standard format for save.",
invalidFieldName: "Invalid field name %0",
fieldCannotBeChanged: "Field '%0' cannot be changed",
loadingMissingTiddler: "Attempting to retrieve the tiddler '%0' from the '%1' server at:\n\n'%2' in the workspace '%3'",
upgradeDone: "The upgrade to version %0 is now complete\n\nClick 'OK' to reload the newly upgraded TiddlyWiki"});
text: "close",
tooltip: "close this message area"});
config.messages.backstage = {
open: {text: "backstage", tooltip: "Open the backstage area to perform authoring and editing tasks"},
close: {text: "close", tooltip: "Close the backstage area"},
prompt: "backstage: ",
decal: {
edit: {text: "edit", tooltip: "Edit the tiddler '%0'"}
config.messages.listView = {
tiddlerTooltip: "Click for the full text of this tiddler",
previewUnavailable: "(preview not available)"
config.messages.dates.months = ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November","December"];
config.messages.dates.days = ["Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"];
config.messages.dates.shortMonths = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"];
config.messages.dates.shortDays = ["Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"];
// suffixes for dates, eg "1st","2nd","3rd"..."30th","31st"
config.messages.dates.daySuffixes = ["st","nd","rd","th","th","th","th","th","th","th",
"st"]; = "am"; = "pm";
labelNoTags: "no tags",
labelTags: "tags: ",
openTag: "Open tag '%0'",
tooltip: "Show tiddlers tagged with '%0'",
openAllText: "Open all",
openAllTooltip: "Open all of these tiddlers",
popupNone: "No other tiddlers tagged with '%0'"});
defaultText: "The tiddler '%0' doesn't yet exist. Double-click to create it",
defaultModifier: "(missing)",
shadowModifier: "(built-in shadow tiddler)",
dateFormat: "DD MMM YYYY",
createdPrompt: "created"});
tagPrompt: "Type tags separated with spaces, [[use double square brackets]] if necessary, or add existing",
defaultText: "Type the text for '%0'"});
text: "tags",
tooltip: "Choose existing tags to add to this tiddler",
popupNone: "There are no tags defined",
tagTooltip: "Add the tag '%0'"});
{unit: 1024*1024*1024, template: "%0\u00a0GB"},
{unit: 1024*1024, template: "%0\u00a0MB"},
{unit: 1024, template: "%0\u00a0KB"},
{unit: 1, template: "%0\u00a0B"}
label: "search",
prompt: "Search this TiddlyWiki",
accessKey: "F",
successMsg: "%0 tiddlers found matching %1",
failureMsg: "No tiddlers found matching %0"});
label: "tagging: ",
labelNotTag: "not tagging",
tooltip: "List of tiddlers tagged with '%0'"});
dateFormat: "DD MMM YYYY"});
tooltip: "Show tiddlers tagged with '%0'",
noTags: "There are no tagged tiddlers"});
config.macros.list.all.prompt = "All tiddlers in alphabetical order";
config.macros.list.missing.prompt = "Tiddlers that have links to them but are not defined";
config.macros.list.orphans.prompt = "Tiddlers that are not linked to from any other tiddlers";
config.macros.list.shadowed.prompt = "Tiddlers shadowed with default contents";
config.macros.list.touched.prompt = "Tiddlers that have been modified locally";
label: "close all",
prompt: "Close all displayed tiddlers (except any that are being edited)"});
label: "permaview",
prompt: "Link to an URL that retrieves all the currently displayed tiddlers"});
label: "save changes",
prompt: "Save all tiddlers to create a new TiddlyWiki",
accessKey: "S"});
label: "new tiddler",
prompt: "Create a new tiddler",
title: "New Tiddler",
accessKey: "N"});
label: "new journal",
prompt: "Create a new tiddler from the current date and time",
accessKey: "J"});
wizardTitle: "Tweak advanced options",
step1Title: "These options are saved in cookies in your browser",
step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input><br><input type='checkbox' checked='false' name='chkUnknown'>Show unknown options</input>",
unknownDescription: "//(unknown)//",
listViewTemplate: {
columns: [
{name: 'Option', field: 'option', title: "Option", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Description', field: 'description', title: "Description", type: 'WikiText'},
{name: 'Name', field: 'name', title: "Name", type: 'String'}
rowClasses: [
{className: 'lowlight', field: 'lowlight'}
wizardTitle: "Manage plugins",
step1Title: "Currently loaded plugins",
step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input>", // DO NOT TRANSLATE
skippedText: "(This plugin has not been executed because it was added since startup)",
noPluginText: "There are no plugins installed",
confirmDeleteText: "Are you sure you want to delete these plugins:\n\n%0",
removeLabel: "remove systemConfig tag",
removePrompt: "Remove systemConfig tag",
deleteLabel: "delete",
deletePrompt: "Delete these tiddlers forever",
listViewTemplate: {
columns: [
{name: 'Selected', field: 'Selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
{name: 'Tiddler', field: 'tiddler', title: "Tiddler", type: 'Tiddler'},
{name: 'Size', field: 'size', tiddlerLink: 'size', title: "Size", type: 'Size'},
{name: 'Forced', field: 'forced', title: "Forced", tag: 'systemConfigForce', type: 'TagCheckbox'},
{name: 'Disabled', field: 'disabled', title: "Disabled", tag: 'systemConfigDisable', type: 'TagCheckbox'},
{name: 'Executed', field: 'executed', title: "Loaded", type: 'Boolean', trueText: "Yes", falseText: "No"},
{name: 'Startup Time', field: 'startupTime', title: "Startup Time", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Error', field: 'error', title: "Status", type: 'Boolean', trueText: "Error", falseText: "OK"},
{name: 'Log', field: 'log', title: "Log", type: 'StringList'}
rowClasses: [
{className: 'error', field: 'error'},
{className: 'warning', field: 'warning'}
moreLabel: "more",
morePrompt: "Reveal further commands"
label: "refresh",
prompt: "Redraw the entire TiddlyWiki display"
readOnlyWarning: "You cannot import into a read-only TiddlyWiki file. Try opening it from a file:// URL",
wizardTitle: "Import tiddlers from another file or server",
step1Title: "Step 1: Locate the server or TiddlyWiki file",
step1Html: "Specify the type of the server: <select name='selTypes'><option value=''>Choose...</option></select><br>Enter the URL or pathname here: <input type='text' size=50 name='txtPath'><br>...or browse for a file: <input type='file' size=50 name='txtBrowse'><br><hr>...or select a pre-defined feed: <select name='selFeeds'><option value=''>Choose...</option></select>",
openLabel: "open",
openPrompt: "Open the connection to this file or server",
openError: "There were problems fetching the tiddlywiki file",
statusOpenHost: "Opening the host",
statusGetWorkspaceList: "Getting the list of available workspaces",
step2Title: "Step 2: Choose the workspace",
step2Html: "Enter a workspace name: <input type='text' size=50 name='txtWorkspace'><br>...or select a workspace: <select name='selWorkspace'><option value=''>Choose...</option></select>",
cancelLabel: "cancel",
cancelPrompt: "Cancel this import",
statusOpenWorkspace: "Opening the workspace",
statusGetTiddlerList: "Getting the list of available tiddlers",
errorGettingTiddlerList: "Error getting list of tiddlers, click Cancel to try again",
step3Title: "Step 3: Choose the tiddlers to import",
step3Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input><br><input type='checkbox' checked='true' name='chkSync'>Keep these tiddlers linked to this server so that you can synchronise subsequent changes</input><br><input type='checkbox' name='chkSave'>Save the details of this server in a 'systemServer' tiddler called:</input> <input type='text' size=25 name='txtSaveTiddler'>",
importLabel: "import",
importPrompt: "Import these tiddlers",
confirmOverwriteText: "Are you sure you want to overwrite these tiddlers:\n\n%0",
step4Title: "Step 4: Importing %0 tiddler(s)",
step4Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markReport'></input>", // DO NOT TRANSLATE
doneLabel: "done",
donePrompt: "Close this wizard",
statusDoingImport: "Importing tiddlers",
statusDoneImport: "All tiddlers imported",
systemServerNamePattern: "%2 on %1",
systemServerNamePatternNoWorkspace: "%1",
confirmOverwriteSaveTiddler: "The tiddler '%0' already exists. Click 'OK' to overwrite it with the details of this server, or 'Cancel' to leave it unchanged",
serverSaveTemplate: "|''Type:''|%0|\n|''URL:''|%1|\n|''Workspace:''|%2|\n\nThis tiddler was automatically created to record the details of this server",
serverSaveModifier: "(System)",
listViewTemplate: {
columns: [
{name: 'Selected', field: 'Selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
{name: 'Tiddler', field: 'tiddler', title: "Tiddler", type: 'Tiddler'},
{name: 'Size', field: 'size', tiddlerLink: 'size', title: "Size", type: 'Size'},
{name: 'Tags', field: 'tags', title: "Tags", type: 'Tags'}
rowClasses: [
wizardTitle: "Upgrade TiddlyWiki core code",
step1Title: "Update or repair this TiddlyWiki to the latest release",
step1Html: "You are about to upgrade to the latest release of the TiddlyWiki core code (from <a href='%0' class='externalLink' target='_blank'>%1</a>). Your content will be preserved across the upgrade.<br><br>Note that core upgrades have been known to interfere with older plugins. If you run into problems with the upgraded file, see <a href='' class='externalLink' target='_blank'></a>",
errorCantUpgrade: "Unable to upgrade this TiddlyWiki. You can only perform upgrades on TiddlyWiki files stored locally",
errorNotSaved: "You must save changes before you can perform an upgrade",
step2Title: "Confirm the upgrade details",
step2Html_downgrade: "You are about to downgrade to TiddlyWiki version %0 from %1.<br><br>Downgrading to an earlier version of the core code is not recommended",
step2Html_restore: "This TiddlyWiki appears to be already using the latest version of the core code (%0).<br><br>You can continue to upgrade anyway to ensure that the core code hasn't been corrupted or damaged",
step2Html_upgrade: "You are about to upgrade to TiddlyWiki version %0 from %1",
upgradeLabel: "upgrade",
upgradePrompt: "Prepare for the upgrade process",
statusPreparingBackup: "Preparing backup",
statusSavingBackup: "Saving backup file",
errorSavingBackup: "There was a problem saving the backup file",
statusLoadingCore: "Loading core code",
errorLoadingCore: "Error loading the core code",
errorCoreFormat: "Error with the new core code",
statusSavingCore: "Saving the new core code",
statusReloadingCore: "Reloading the new core code",
startLabel: "start",
startPrompt: "Start the upgrade process",
cancelLabel: "cancel",
cancelPrompt: "Cancel the upgrade process",
step3Title: "Upgrade cancelled",
step3Html: "You have cancelled the upgrade process"
listViewTemplate: {
columns: [
{name: 'Selected', field: 'selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
{name: 'Tiddler', field: 'tiddler', title: "Tiddler", type: 'Tiddler'},
{name: 'Server Type', field: 'serverType', title: "Server type", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Server Host', field: 'serverHost', title: "Server host", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Server Workspace', field: 'serverWorkspace', title: "Server workspace", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Status', field: 'status', title: "Synchronisation status", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Server URL', field: 'serverUrl', title: "Server URL", text: "View", type: 'Link'}
rowClasses: [
buttons: [
{caption: "Sync these tiddlers", name: 'sync'}
wizardTitle: "Synchronize with external servers and files",
step1Title: "Choose the tiddlers you want to synchronize",
step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input>", // DO NOT TRANSLATE
syncLabel: "sync",
syncPrompt: "Sync these tiddlers",
hasChanged: "Changed while unplugged",
hasNotChanged: "Unchanged while unplugged",
syncStatusList: {
none: {text: "...", color: "transparent"},
changedServer: {text: "Changed on server", color: '#80ff80'},
changedLocally: {text: "Changed while unplugged", color: '#80ff80'},
changedBoth: {text: "Changed while unplugged and on server", color: '#ff8080'},
notFound: {text: "Not found on server", color: '#ffff80'},
putToServer: {text: "Saved update on server", color: '#ff80ff'},
gotFromServer: {text: "Retrieved update from server", color: '#80ffff'}
text: "close",
tooltip: "Close this tiddler"});
text: "close others",
tooltip: "Close all other tiddlers"});
text: "edit",
tooltip: "Edit this tiddler",
readOnlyText: "view",
readOnlyTooltip: "View the source of this tiddler"});
text: "done",
tooltip: "Save changes to this tiddler"});
text: "cancel",
tooltip: "Undo changes to this tiddler",
warning: "Are you sure you want to abandon your changes to '%0'?",
readOnlyText: "done",
readOnlyTooltip: "View this tiddler normally"});
text: "delete",
tooltip: "Delete this tiddler",
warning: "Are you sure you want to delete '%0'?"});
text: "permalink",
tooltip: "Permalink for this tiddler"});
text: "references",
tooltip: "Show tiddlers that link to this one",
popupNone: "No references"});
text: "jump",
tooltip: "Jump to another open tiddler"});
text: "syncing",
tooltip: "Control synchronisation of this tiddler with a server or external file",
currentlySyncing: "<div>Currently syncing via <span class='popupHighlight'>'%0'</span> to:</"+"div><div>host: <span class='popupHighlight'>%1</span></"+"div><div>workspace: <span class='popupHighlight'>%2</span></"+"div>", // Note escaping of closing <div> tag
notCurrentlySyncing: "Not currently syncing",
captionUnSync: "Stop synchronising this tiddler",
chooseServer: "Synchronise this tiddler with another server:",
currServerMarker: "\u25cf ",
notCurrServerMarker: " "});
text: "fields",
tooltip: "Show the extended fields of this tiddler",
emptyText: "There are no extended fields for this tiddler",
listViewTemplate: {
columns: [
{name: 'Field', field: 'field', title: "Field", type: 'String'},
{name: 'Value', field: 'value', title: "Value", type: 'String'}
rowClasses: [
buttons: [
DefaultTiddlers: "GettingStarted",
MainMenu: "GettingStarted",
SiteTitle: "My TiddlyWiki",
SiteSubtitle: "a reusable non-linear personal web notebook",
SiteUrl: "",
SideBarOptions: '<<search>><<closeAll>><<permaview>><<newTiddler>><<newJournal "DD MMM YYYY" "journal">><<saveChanges>><<slider chkSliderOptionsPanel OptionsPanel "options \u00bb" "Change TiddlyWiki advanced options">>',
SideBarTabs: '<<tabs txtMainTab "Timeline" "Timeline" TabTimeline "All" "All tiddlers" TabAll "Tags" "All tags" TabTags "More" "More lists" TabMore>>',
TabMore: '<<tabs txtMoreTab "Missing" "Missing tiddlers" TabMoreMissing "Orphans" "Orphaned tiddlers" TabMoreOrphans "Shadowed" "Shadowed tiddlers" TabMoreShadowed>>',
ToolbarCommands: "|~ViewToolbar|closeTiddler closeOthers +editTiddler > fields syncing permalink references jump|\n|~EditToolbar|+saveTiddler -cancelTiddler deleteTiddler|"});
AdvancedOptions: "This shadow tiddler provides access to several advanced options",
ColorPalette: "These values in this shadow tiddler determine the colour scheme of the ~TiddlyWiki user interface",
DefaultTiddlers: "The tiddlers listed in this shadow tiddler will be automatically displayed when ~TiddlyWiki starts up",
EditTemplate: "The HTML template in this shadow tiddler determines how tiddlers look while they are being edited",
GettingStarted: "This shadow tiddler provides basic usage instructions",
ImportTiddlers: "This shadow tiddler provides access to importing tiddlers",
MainMenu: "This shadow tiddler is used as the contents of the main menu in the left-hand column of the screen",
MarkupPreHead: "This tiddler is inserted at the top of the <head> section of the TiddlyWiki HTML file",
MarkupPostHead: "This tiddler is inserted at the bottom of the <head> section of the TiddlyWiki HTML file",
MarkupPreBody: "This tiddler is inserted at the top of the <body> section of the TiddlyWiki HTML file",
MarkupPostBody: "This tiddler is inserted at the end of the <body> section of the TiddlyWiki HTML file immediately after the script block",
OptionsPanel: "This shadow tiddler is used as the contents of the options panel slider in the right-hand sidebar",
PageTemplate: "The HTML template in this shadow tiddler determines the overall ~TiddlyWiki layout",
PluginManager: "This shadow tiddler provides access to the plugin manager",
SideBarOptions: "This shadow tiddler is used as the contents of the option panel in the right-hand sidebar",
SideBarTabs: "This shadow tiddler is used as the contents of the tabs panel in the right-hand sidebar",
SiteSubtitle: "This shadow tiddler is used as the second part of the page title",
SiteTitle: "This shadow tiddler is used as the first part of the page title",
SiteUrl: "This shadow tiddler should be set to the full target URL for publication",
StyleSheetColors: "This shadow tiddler contains CSS definitions related to the color of page elements. ''DO NOT EDIT THIS TIDDLER'', instead make your changes in the StyleSheet shadow tiddler",
StyleSheet: "This tiddler can contain custom CSS definitions",
StyleSheetLayout: "This shadow tiddler contains CSS definitions related to the layout of page elements. ''DO NOT EDIT THIS TIDDLER'', instead make your changes in the StyleSheet shadow tiddler",
StyleSheetLocale: "This shadow tiddler contains CSS definitions related to the translation locale",
StyleSheetPrint: "This shadow tiddler contains CSS definitions for printing",
TabAll: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'All' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
TabMore: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'More' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
TabMoreMissing: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'Missing' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
TabMoreOrphans: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'Orphans' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
TabMoreShadowed: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'Shadowed' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
TabTags: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'Tags' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
TabTimeline: "This shadow tiddler contains the contents of the 'Timeline' tab in the right-hand sidebar",
ToolbarCommands: "This shadow tiddler determines which commands are shown in tiddler toolbars",
ViewTemplate: "The HTML template in this shadow tiddler determines how tiddlers look"
//-- Main
var params = null; // Command line parameters
var store = null; // TiddlyWiki storage
var story = null; // Main story
var formatter = null; // Default formatters for the wikifier
var anim = typeof Animator == "function" ? new Animator() : null; // Animation engine
var readOnly = false; // Whether we're in readonly mode
var highlightHack = null; // Embarrassing hack department...
var hadConfirmExit = false; // Don't warn more than once
var safeMode = false; // Disable all plugins and cookies
var showBackstage; // Whether to include the backstage area
var installedPlugins = []; // Information filled in when plugins are executed
var startingUp = false; // Whether we're in the process of starting up
var pluginInfo,tiddler; // Used to pass information to plugins in loadPlugins()
// Whether to use the JavaSaver applet
var useJavaSaver = (config.browser.isSafari || config.browser.isOpera) && (document.location.toString().substr(0,4) != "http");
// Starting up
function main()
var t10,t9,t8,t7,t6,t5,t4,t3,t2,t1,t0 = new Date();
startingUp = true;
window.onbeforeunload = function(e) {if(window.confirmExit) return confirmExit();};
params = getParameters();
params = params.parseParams("open",null,false);
store = new TiddlyWiki();
story = new Story("tiddlerDisplay","tiddler");
for(var s=0; s<config.notifyTiddlers.length; s++)
t1 = new Date();
t2 = new Date();
t3 = new Date();
t4 = new Date();
readOnly = (window.location.protocol == "file:") ? false : config.options.chkHttpReadOnly;
showBackstage = !readOnly;
var pluginProblem = loadPlugins();
t5 = new Date();
formatter = new Formatter(config.formatters);
t6 = new Date();
t7 = new Date();
t8 = new Date();
if(pluginProblem) {
for(var m in config.macros) {
t9 = new Date();
t10 = new Date();
if(config.options.chkDisplayInstrumentation) {
displayMessage("LoadShadows " + (t2-t1) + " ms");
displayMessage("LoadFromDiv " + (t3-t2) + " ms");
displayMessage("LoadPlugins " + (t5-t4) + " ms");
displayMessage("Notify " + (t7-t6) + " ms");
displayMessage("Restart " + (t8-t7) + " ms");
displayMessage("Macro init " + (t9-t8) + " ms");
displayMessage("Total: " + (t10-t0) + " ms");
startingUp = false;
// Restarting
function restart()
if(story.isEmpty()) {
var tiddlers = store.filterTiddlers(store.getTiddlerText("DefaultTiddlers"));
function saveTest()
var s = document.getElementById("saveTest");
function loadShadowTiddlers()
var shadows = new TiddlyWiki();
shadows.forEachTiddler(function(title,tiddler){config.shadowTiddlers[title] = tiddler.text;});
delete shadows;
function loadPlugins()
return false;
var tiddlers = store.getTaggedTiddlers("systemConfig");
var toLoad = [];
var nLoaded = 0;
var map = {};
var nPlugins = tiddlers.length;
installedPlugins = [];
for(var i=0; i<nPlugins; i++) {
var p = getPluginInfo(tiddlers[i]);
installedPlugins[i] = p;
var n = p.Name;
map[n] = p;
n = p.Source;
map[n] = p;
var visit = function(p) {
if(!p || p.done)
p.done = 1;
var reqs = p.Requires;
if(reqs) {
reqs = reqs.readBracketedList();
for(var i=0; i<reqs.length; i++)
for(i=0; i<nPlugins; i++)
for(i=0; i<toLoad.length; i++) {
p = toLoad[i];
pluginInfo = p;
tiddler = p.tiddler;
if(isPluginExecutable(p)) {
if(isPluginEnabled(p)) {
p.executed = true;
var startTime = new Date();
try {
} catch(ex) {
p.error = true;
pluginInfo.startupTime = String((new Date()) - startTime) + "ms";
} else {
} else {
p.warning = true;
return nLoaded != nPlugins;
function getPluginInfo(tiddler)
var p = store.getTiddlerSlices(tiddler.title,["Name","Description","Version","Requires","CoreVersion","Date","Source","Author","License","Browsers"]);
p.tiddler = tiddler;
p.title = tiddler.title;
p.log = [];
return p;
// Check that a particular plugin is valid for execution
function isPluginExecutable(plugin)
return verifyTail(plugin,true,config.messages.pluginForced);
if(plugin["CoreVersion"]) {
var coreVersion = plugin["CoreVersion"].split(".");
var w = parseInt(coreVersion[0]) - version.major;
if(w == 0 && coreVersion[1])
w = parseInt(coreVersion[1]) - version.minor;
if(w == 0 && coreVersion[2])
w = parseInt(coreVersion[2]) - version.revision;
if(w > 0)
return verifyTail(plugin,false,config.messages.pluginVersionError);
return true;
function isPluginEnabled(plugin)
return verifyTail(plugin,false,config.messages.pluginDisabled);
return true;
function verifyTail(plugin,result,message)
return result;
function invokeMacro(place,macro,params,wikifier,tiddler)
try {
var m = config.macros[macro];
if(m && m.handler)
} catch(ex) {
//-- Paramifiers
function getParameters()
var p = null;
if(window.location.hash) {
p = decodeURIComponent(window.location.hash.substr(1));
if(config.browser.firefoxDate != null && config.browser.firefoxDate[1] < "20051111")
p = convertUTF8ToUnicode(p);
return p;
function invokeParamifier(params,handler)
if(!params || params.length == undefined || params.length <= 1)
for(var t=1; t<params.length; t++) {
var p = config.paramifiers[params[t].name];
if(p && p[handler] instanceof Function)
config.paramifiers = {};
config.paramifiers.start = {
oninit: function(v) {
safeMode = v.toLowerCase() == "safe";
}; = {
onstart: function(v) {
if(!readOnly || store.tiddlerExists(v) || store.isShadowTiddler(v))
config.paramifiers.story = {
onstart: function(v) {
var list = store.getTiddlerText(v,"").parseParams("open",null,false);
}; = {
onstart: function(v) {,false,false);
config.paramifiers.searchRegExp = {
onstart: function(v) {,false,true);
config.paramifiers.tag = {
onstart: function(v) {
var tagged = store.getTaggedTiddlers(v,"title");
config.paramifiers.newTiddler = {
onstart: function(v) {
if(!readOnly) {
config.paramifiers.newJournal = {
onstart: function(v) {
if(!readOnly) {
var now = new Date();
var title = now.formatString(v.trim());
config.paramifiers.readOnly = {
onconfig: function(v) {
var p = v.toLowerCase();
readOnly = p == "yes" ? true : (p == "no" ? false : readOnly);
config.paramifiers.theme = {
onconfig: function(v) {
config.paramifiers.upgrade = {
onstart: function(v) {
//-- Formatter helpers
function Formatter(formatters)
this.formatters = [];
var pattern = [];
for(var n=0; n<formatters.length; n++) {
pattern.push("(" + formatters[n].match + ")");
this.formatterRegExp = new RegExp(pattern.join("|"),"mg");
config.formatterHelpers = {
createElementAndWikify: function(w)
inlineCssHelper: function(w)
var styles = [];
config.textPrimitives.cssLookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
var lookaheadMatch = config.textPrimitives.cssLookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
while(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.nextMatch) {
var s,v;
if(lookaheadMatch[1]) {
s = lookaheadMatch[1].unDash();
v = lookaheadMatch[2];
} else {
s = lookaheadMatch[3].unDash();
v = lookaheadMatch[4];
s = "backgroundColor";
styles.push({style: s, value: v});
w.nextMatch = lookaheadMatch.index + lookaheadMatch[0].length;
config.textPrimitives.cssLookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
lookaheadMatch = config.textPrimitives.cssLookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
return styles;
applyCssHelper: function(e,styles)
for(var t=0; t< styles.length; t++) {
try {[styles[t].style] = styles[t].value;
} catch (ex) {
enclosedTextHelper: function(w)
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {
var text = lookaheadMatch[1];
text = text.replace(/\n/g,"\r");
w.nextMatch = lookaheadMatch.index + lookaheadMatch[0].length;
isExternalLink: function(link)
if(store.tiddlerExists(link) || store.isShadowTiddler(link)) {
return false;
var urlRegExp = new RegExp(config.textPrimitives.urlPattern,"mg");
if(urlRegExp.exec(link)) {
return true;
if(link.indexOf(".")!=-1 || link.indexOf("\\")!=-1 || link.indexOf("/")!=-1 || link.indexOf("#")!=-1) {
return true;
return false;
//-- Standard formatters
config.formatters = [
name: "table",
match: "^\\|(?:[^\\n]*)\\|(?:[fhck]?)$",
lookaheadRegExp: /^\|([^\n]*)\|([fhck]?)$/mg,
rowTermRegExp: /(\|(?:[fhck]?)$\n?)/mg,
cellRegExp: /(?:\|([^\n\|]*)\|)|(\|[fhck]?$\n?)/mg,
cellTermRegExp: /((?:\x20*)\|)/mg,
rowTypes: {"c":"caption", "h":"thead", "":"tbody", "f":"tfoot"},
handler: function(w)
var table = createTiddlyElement(w.output,"table",null,"twtable");
var prevColumns = [];
var currRowType = null;
var rowContainer;
var rowCount = 0;
w.nextMatch = w.matchStart;
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
while(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.nextMatch) {
var nextRowType = lookaheadMatch[2];
if(nextRowType == "k") {
table.className = lookaheadMatch[1];
w.nextMatch += lookaheadMatch[0].length+1;
} else {
if(nextRowType != currRowType) {
rowContainer = createTiddlyElement(table,this.rowTypes[nextRowType]);
currRowType = nextRowType;
if(currRowType == "c") {
// Caption
if(rowContainer != table.firstChild)
rowContainer.setAttribute("align",rowCount == 0?"top":"bottom");
} else {
var theRow = createTiddlyElement(rowContainer,"tr",null,(rowCount&1)?"oddRow":"evenRow");
theRow.onmouseover = function() {addClass(this,"hoverRow");};
theRow.onmouseout = function() {removeClass(this,"hoverRow");};
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
rowHandler: function(w,e,prevColumns)
var col = 0;
var colSpanCount = 1;
var prevCell = null;
this.cellRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
var cellMatch = this.cellRegExp.exec(w.source);
while(cellMatch && cellMatch.index == w.nextMatch) {
if(cellMatch[1] == "~") {
// Rowspan
var last = prevColumns[col];
if(last) {
last.element.setAttribute("rowSpan",last.rowSpanCount); // Needed for IE
last.element.valign = "center";
w.nextMatch = this.cellRegExp.lastIndex-1;
} else if(cellMatch[1] == ">") {
// Colspan
w.nextMatch = this.cellRegExp.lastIndex-1;
} else if(cellMatch[2]) {
// End of row
if(prevCell && colSpanCount > 1) {
prevCell.setAttribute("colSpan",colSpanCount); // Needed for IE
w.nextMatch = this.cellRegExp.lastIndex;
} else {
// Cell
var styles = config.formatterHelpers.inlineCssHelper(w);
var spaceLeft = false;
var chr = w.source.substr(w.nextMatch,1);
while(chr == " ") {
spaceLeft = true;
chr = w.source.substr(w.nextMatch,1);
var cell;
if(chr == "!") {
cell = createTiddlyElement(e,"th");
} else {
cell = createTiddlyElement(e,"td");
prevCell = cell;
prevColumns[col] = {rowSpanCount:1,element:cell};
if(colSpanCount > 1) {
cell.setAttribute("colSpan",colSpanCount); // Needed for IE
colSpanCount = 1;
if(w.matchText.substr(w.matchText.length-2,1) == " ") // spaceRight
cell.align = spaceLeft ? "center" : "left";
else if(spaceLeft)
cell.align = "right";
this.cellRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
cellMatch = this.cellRegExp.exec(w.source);
name: "heading",
match: "^!{1,6}",
termRegExp: /(\n)/mg,
handler: function(w)
w.subWikifyTerm(createTiddlyElement(w.output,"h" + w.matchLength),this.termRegExp);
name: "list",
match: "^(?:[\\*#;:]+)",
lookaheadRegExp: /^(?:(?:(\*)|(#)|(;)|(:))+)/mg,
termRegExp: /(\n)/mg,
handler: function(w)
var stack = [w.output];
var currLevel = 0, currType = null;
var listLevel, listType, itemType, baseType;
w.nextMatch = w.matchStart;
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
while(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.nextMatch) {
if(lookaheadMatch[1]) {
listType = "ul";
itemType = "li";
} else if(lookaheadMatch[2]) {
listType = "ol";
itemType = "li";
} else if(lookaheadMatch[3]) {
listType = "dl";
itemType = "dt";
} else if(lookaheadMatch[4]) {
listType = "dl";
itemType = "dd";
baseType = listType;
listLevel = lookaheadMatch[0].length;
w.nextMatch += lookaheadMatch[0].length;
var t;
if(listLevel > currLevel) {
for(t=currLevel; t<listLevel; t++) {
var target = (currLevel == 0) ? stack[stack.length-1] : stack[stack.length-1].lastChild;
} else if(listType!=baseType && listLevel==1) {
w.nextMatch -= lookaheadMatch[0].length;
} else if(listLevel < currLevel) {
for(t=currLevel; t>listLevel; t--)
} else if(listLevel == currLevel && listType != currType) {
currLevel = listLevel;
currType = listType;
var e = createTiddlyElement(stack[stack.length-1],itemType);
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
name: "quoteByBlock",
match: "^<<<\\n",
termRegExp: /(^<<<(\n|$))/mg,
element: "blockquote",
handler: config.formatterHelpers.createElementAndWikify
name: "quoteByLine",
match: "^>+",
lookaheadRegExp: /^>+/mg,
termRegExp: /(\n)/mg,
element: "blockquote",
handler: function(w)
var stack = [w.output];
var currLevel = 0;
var newLevel = w.matchLength;
var t;
do {
if(newLevel > currLevel) {
for(t=currLevel; t<newLevel; t++)
} else if(newLevel < currLevel) {
for(t=currLevel; t>newLevel; t--)
currLevel = newLevel;
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.nextMatch;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
var matched = lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.nextMatch;
if(matched) {
newLevel = lookaheadMatch[0].length;
w.nextMatch += lookaheadMatch[0].length;
} while(matched);
name: "rule",
match: "^----+$\\n?",
handler: function(w)
name: "monospacedByLine",
match: "^(?:/\\*\\{\\{\\{\\*/|\\{\\{\\{|//\\{\\{\\{|<!--\\{\\{\\{-->)\\n",
element: "pre",
handler: function(w)
switch(w.matchText) {
case "/*{{{*/\n": // CSS
this.lookaheadRegExp = /\/\*\{\{\{\*\/\n*((?:^[^\n]*\n)+?)(\n*^\/\*\}\}\}\*\/$\n?)/mg;
case "{{{\n": // monospaced block
this.lookaheadRegExp = /^\{\{\{\n((?:^[^\n]*\n)+?)(^\}\}\}$\n?)/mg;
case "//{{{\n": // plugin
this.lookaheadRegExp = /^\/\/\{\{\{\n\n*((?:^[^\n]*\n)+?)(\n*^\/\/\}\}\}$\n?)/mg;
case "<!--{{{-->\n": //template
this.lookaheadRegExp = /<!--\{\{\{-->\n*((?:^[^\n]*\n)+?)(\n*^<!--\}\}\}-->$\n?)/mg;
name: "wikifyComment",
match: "^(?:/\\*\\*\\*|<!---)\\n",
handler: function(w)
var termRegExp = (w.matchText == "/***\n") ? (/(^\*\*\*\/\n)/mg) : (/(^--->\n)/mg);
name: "macro",
match: "<<",
lookaheadRegExp: /<<([^>\s]+)(?:\s*)((?:[^>]|(?:>(?!>)))*)>>/mg,
handler: function(w)
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart && lookaheadMatch[1]) {
w.nextMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
name: "prettyLink",
match: "\\[\\[",
lookaheadRegExp: /\[\[(.*?)(?:\|(~)?(.*?))?\]\]/mg,
handler: function(w)
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {
var e;
var text = lookaheadMatch[1];
if(lookaheadMatch[3]) {
// Pretty bracketted link
var link = lookaheadMatch[3];
e = (!lookaheadMatch[2] && config.formatterHelpers.isExternalLink(link)) ?
createExternalLink(w.output,link) : createTiddlyLink(w.output,link,false,null,w.isStatic,w.tiddler);
} else {
// Simple bracketted link
e = createTiddlyLink(w.output,text,false,null,w.isStatic,w.tiddler);
w.nextMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
name: "wikiLink",
match: config.textPrimitives.unWikiLink+"?"+config.textPrimitives.wikiLink,
handler: function(w)
if(w.matchText.substr(0,1) == config.textPrimitives.unWikiLink) {
if(w.matchStart > 0) {
var preRegExp = new RegExp(config.textPrimitives.anyLetterStrict,"mg");
preRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart-1;
var preMatch = preRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(preMatch.index == w.matchStart-1) {
if(w.autoLinkWikiWords || store.isShadowTiddler(w.matchText)) {
var link = createTiddlyLink(w.output,w.matchText,false,null,w.isStatic,w.tiddler);
} else {
name: "urlLink",
match: config.textPrimitives.urlPattern,
handler: function(w)
name: "image",
match: "\\[[<>]?[Ii][Mm][Gg]\\[",
lookaheadRegExp: /\[([<]?)(>?)[Ii][Mm][Gg]\[(?:([^\|\]]+)\|)?([^\[\]\|]+)\](?:\[([^\]]*)\])?\]/mg,
handler: function(w)
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {
var e = w.output;
if(lookaheadMatch[5]) {
var link = lookaheadMatch[5];
e = config.formatterHelpers.isExternalLink(link) ? createExternalLink(w.output,link) : createTiddlyLink(w.output,link,false,null,w.isStatic,w.tiddler);
var img = createTiddlyElement(e,"img");
img.align = "left";
else if(lookaheadMatch[2])
img.align = "right";
if(lookaheadMatch[3]) {
img.title = lookaheadMatch[3];
img.src = lookaheadMatch[4];
w.nextMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
name: "html",
match: "<[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll]>",
lookaheadRegExp: /<[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll]>((?:.|\n)*?)<\/[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll]>/mg,
handler: function(w)
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {
createTiddlyElement(w.output,"span").innerHTML = lookaheadMatch[1];
w.nextMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
name: "commentByBlock",
match: "/%",
lookaheadRegExp: /\/%((?:.|\n)*?)%\//mg,
handler: function(w)
this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart)
w.nextMatch = this.lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
name: "characterFormat",
match: "''|//|__|\\^\\^|~~|--(?!\\s|$)|\\{\\{\\{",
handler: function(w)
switch(w.matchText) {
case "''":
case "//":
case "__":
case "^^":
case "~~":
case "--":
case "{{{":
var lookaheadRegExp = /\{\{\{((?:.|\n)*?)\}\}\}/mg;
lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
var lookaheadMatch = lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {
w.nextMatch = lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
name: "customFormat",
match: "@@|\\{\\{",
handler: function(w)
switch(w.matchText) {
case "@@":
var e = createTiddlyElement(w.output,"span");
var styles = config.formatterHelpers.inlineCssHelper(w);
if(styles.length == 0)
e.className = "marked";
case "{{":
lookaheadRegExp = /\{\{[\s]*([\w]+[\s\w]*)[\s]*\{(\n?)/mg;
lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
lookaheadMatch = lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source);
if(lookaheadMatch) {
w.nextMatch = lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex;
e = createTiddlyElement(w.output,lookaheadMatch[2] == "\n" ? "div" : "span",null,lookaheadMatch[1]);