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# Copyright 2010 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Data model classes for parsing and generating XML for both the
Google Analytics Data Export and Management APIs. Although both APIs
operate on different parts of Google Analytics, they share common XML
elements and are released in the same module.
The Management API supports 5 feeds all using the same ManagementFeed
data class.
__author__ = ' (Nick Mihailovski)'
import atom.core
# XML Namespace used in Google Analytics API entities.
DXP_NS = '{}%s'
GA_NS = '{}%s'
GD_NS = '{}%s'
class GetProperty(object):
"""Utility class to simplify retrieving Property objects."""
def get_property(self, name):
"""Helper method to return a propery object by its name attribute.
name: string The name of the <dxp:property> element to retrieve.
A property object corresponding to the matching <dxp:property> element.
if no property is found, None is returned.
for prop in
if == name:
return prop
return None
GetProperty = get_property
class GetMetric(object):
"""Utility class to simplify retrieving Metric objects."""
def get_metric(self, name):
"""Helper method to return a propery value by its name attribute
name: string The name of the <dxp:metric> element to retrieve.
A property object corresponding to the matching <dxp:metric> element.
if no property is found, None is returned.
for met in self.metric:
if == name:
return met
return None
GetMetric = get_metric
class GetDimension(object):
"""Utility class to simplify retrieving Dimension objects."""
def get_dimension(self, name):
"""Helper method to return a dimention object by its name attribute
name: string The name of the <dxp:dimension> element to retrieve.
A dimension object corresponding to the matching <dxp:dimension> element.
if no dimension is found, None is returned.
for dim in self.dimension:
if == name:
return dim
return None
GetDimension = get_dimension
class GaLinkFinder(object):
"""Utility class to return specific links in Google Analytics feeds."""
def get_parent_links(self):
"""Returns a list of all the parent links in an entry."""
links = []
for link in
if link.rel == link.parent():
return links
GetParentLinks = get_parent_links
def get_child_links(self):
"""Returns a list of all the child links in an entry."""
links = []
for link in
if link.rel == link.child():
return links
GetChildLinks = get_child_links
def get_child_link(self, target_kind):
"""Utility method to return one child link.
A child link with the given target_kind. None if the target_kind was
not found.
for link in
if link.rel == link.child() and link.target_kind == target_kind:
return link
return None
GetChildLink = get_child_link
class StartDate(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:startDate>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'startDate'
class EndDate(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:endDate>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'endDate'
class Metric(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:metric>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'metric'
name = 'name'
type = 'type'
value = 'value'
confidence_interval = 'confidenceInterval'
class Aggregates(atom.core.XmlElement, GetMetric):
"""Analytics Data Feed <dxp:aggregates>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'aggregates'
metric = [Metric]
class ContainsSampledData(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Data Feed <dxp:containsSampledData>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'containsSampledData'
class TableId(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:tableId>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'tableId'
class TableName(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:tableName>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'tableName'
class Property(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:property>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'property'
name = 'name'
value = 'value'
class Definition(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:definition>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'definition'
class Segment(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:segment>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'segment'
id = 'id'
name = 'name'
definition = Definition
class Engagement(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:engagement>"""
_qname = GA_NS % 'engagement'
type = 'type'
comparison = 'comparison'
threshold_value = 'thresholdValue'
class Step(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:step>"""
_qname = GA_NS % 'step'
number = 'number'
name = 'name'
path = 'path'
class Destination(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:destination>"""
_qname = GA_NS % 'destination'
step = [Step]
expression = 'expression'
case_sensitive = 'caseSensitive'
match_type = 'matchType'
step1_required = 'step1Required'
class Goal(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:goal>"""
_qname = GA_NS % 'goal'
destination = Destination
engagement = Engagement
number = 'number'
name = 'name'
value = 'value'
active = 'active'
class CustomVariable(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Data Feed <dxp:customVariable>"""
_qname = GA_NS % 'customVariable'
index = 'index'
name = 'name'
scope = 'scope'
class DataSource(atom.core.XmlElement, GetProperty):
"""Analytics Data Feed <dxp:dataSource>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'dataSource'
table_id = TableId
table_name = TableName
property = [Property]
class Dimension(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Analytics Feed <dxp:dimension>"""
_qname = DXP_NS % 'dimension'
name = 'name'
value = 'value'
class AnalyticsLink(
"""Subclass of link <link>"""
target_kind = GD_NS % 'targetKind'
def parent(cls):
"""Parent target_kind"""
return '%s#parent' % GA_NS[1:-3]
def child(cls):
"""Child target_kind"""
return '%s#child' % GA_NS[1:-3]
# Account Feed.
class AccountEntry(, GetProperty):
"""Analytics Account Feed <entry>"""
_qname = % 'entry'
table_id = TableId
property = [Property]
goal = [Goal]
custom_variable = [CustomVariable]
class AccountFeed(
"""Analytics Account Feed <feed>"""
_qname = % 'feed'
segment = [Segment]
entry = [AccountEntry]
# Data Feed.
class DataEntry(, GetMetric, GetDimension):
"""Analytics Data Feed <entry>"""
_qname = % 'entry'
dimension = [Dimension]
metric = [Metric]
def get_object(self, name):
"""Returns either a Dimension or Metric object with the same name as the
name parameter.
name: string The name of the object to retrieve.
Either a Dimension or Object that has the same as the name parameter.
output = self.GetDimension(name)
if not output:
output = self.GetMetric(name)
return output
GetObject = get_object
class DataFeed(
"""Analytics Data Feed <feed>.
Although there is only one datasource, it is stored in an array to replicate
the design of the Java client library and ensure backwards compatibility if
new data sources are added in the future.
_qname = % 'feed'
start_date = StartDate
end_date = EndDate
aggregates = Aggregates
contains_sampled_data = ContainsSampledData
data_source = [DataSource]
entry = [DataEntry]
segment = Segment
def has_sampled_data(self):
"""Returns whether this feed has sampled data."""
if (self.contains_sampled_data.text == 'true'):
return True
return False
HasSampledData = has_sampled_data
# Management Feed.
class ManagementEntry(, GetProperty, GaLinkFinder):
"""Analytics Managememt Entry <entry>."""
_qname = % 'entry'
kind = GD_NS % 'kind'
property = [Property]
goal = Goal
segment = Segment
link = [AnalyticsLink]
class ManagementFeed(
"""Analytics Management Feed <feed>.
This class holds the data for all 5 Management API feeds: Account,
Web Property, Profile, Goal, and Advanced Segment Feeds.
_qname = % 'feed'
entry = [ManagementEntry]
kind = GD_NS % 'kind'