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# Copyright (C) 2009 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Contains the data classes of the Google Calendar Data API"""
__author__ = ' (Jeff Scudder)'
import atom.core
WEB_CONTENT_LINK_REL = '%s/%s' % (GCAL_NAMESPACE, 'webContent')
class AccessLevelProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes how much a given user may do with an event or calendar"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'accesslevel'
value = 'value'
class AllowGSync2Property(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Whether the user is permitted to run Google Apps Sync"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'allowGSync2'
value = 'value'
class AllowGSyncProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Whether the user is permitted to run Google Apps Sync"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'allowGSync'
value = 'value'
class AnyoneCanAddSelfProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Whether anyone can add self as attendee"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'anyoneCanAddSelf'
value = 'value'
class CalendarAclRole(
"""Describes the Calendar roles of an entry in the Calendar access control list"""
_qname = % 'role'
class CalendarCommentEntry(
"""Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar event's comments"""
class CalendarCommentFeed(
"""Describes feed of a Calendar event's comments"""
entry = [CalendarCommentEntry]
class CalendarComments(
"""Describes a container of a feed link for Calendar comment entries"""
_qname = % 'comments'
class CalendarExtendedProperty(
"""Defines a value for the realm attribute that is used only in the calendar API"""
_qname = % 'extendedProperty'
class CalendarWhere(
"""Extends the base Where class with Calendar extensions"""
_qname = % 'where'
class ColorProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the color of a calendar"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'color'
value = 'value'
class GuestsCanInviteOthersProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Whether guests can invite others to the event"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'guestsCanInviteOthers'
value = 'value'
class GuestsCanModifyProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Whether guests can modify event"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'guestsCanModify'
value = 'value'
class GuestsCanSeeGuestsProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Whether guests can see other attendees"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'guestsCanSeeGuests'
value = 'value'
class HiddenProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether a calendar is hidden"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'hidden'
value = 'value'
class IcalUIDProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the UID in the ical export of the event"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'uid'
value = 'value'
class OverrideNameProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the override name property of a calendar"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'overridename'
value = 'value'
class PrivateCopyProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Indicates whether this is a private copy of the event, changes to which should not be sent to other calendars"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'privateCopy'
value = 'value'
class QuickAddProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether gd:content is for quick-add processing"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'quickadd'
value = 'value'
class ResourceProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether gd:who is a resource such as a conference room"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'resource'
value = 'value'
id = 'id'
class EventWho(
"""Extends the base Who class with Calendar extensions"""
_qname = % 'who'
resource = ResourceProperty
class SelectedProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether a calendar is selected"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'selected'
value = 'value'
class SendAclNotificationsProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether to send ACL notifications to grantees"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'sendAclNotifications'
value = 'value'
class CalendarAclEntry(
"""Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar access control list (ACL)"""
send_acl_notifications = SendAclNotificationsProperty
class CalendarAclFeed(
"""Describes a Calendar access contorl list (ACL) feed"""
entry = [CalendarAclEntry]
class SendEventNotificationsProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether to send event notifications to other participants of the event"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'sendEventNotifications'
value = 'value'
class SequenceNumberProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes sequence number of an event"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'sequence'
value = 'value'
class CalendarRecurrenceExceptionEntry(
"""Describes an entry used by a Calendar recurrence exception entry link"""
uid = IcalUIDProperty
sequence = SequenceNumberProperty
class CalendarRecurrenceException(
"""Describes an exception to a recurring Calendar event"""
_qname = % 'recurrenceException'
class SettingsProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""User preference name-value pair"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'settingsProperty'
name = 'name'
value = 'value'
class SettingsEntry(
"""Describes a Calendar Settings property entry"""
settings_property = SettingsProperty
class CalendarSettingsFeed(
"""Personal settings for Calendar application"""
entry = [SettingsEntry]
class SuppressReplyNotificationsProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Lists notification methods to be suppressed for this reply"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'suppressReplyNotifications'
methods = 'methods'
class SyncEventProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes whether this is a sync scenario where the Ical UID and Sequence number are honored during inserts and updates"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'syncEvent'
value = 'value'
class When(
"""Extends the gd:when element to add reminders"""
reminder = []
class CalendarEventEntry(
"""Describes a Calendar event entry"""
quick_add = QuickAddProperty
send_event_notifications = SendEventNotificationsProperty
sync_event = SyncEventProperty
anyone_can_add_self = AnyoneCanAddSelfProperty
extended_property = [CalendarExtendedProperty]
sequence = SequenceNumberProperty
guests_can_invite_others = GuestsCanInviteOthersProperty
guests_can_modify = GuestsCanModifyProperty
guests_can_see_guests = GuestsCanSeeGuestsProperty
georss_where =
private_copy = PrivateCopyProperty
suppress_reply_notifications = SuppressReplyNotificationsProperty
uid = IcalUIDProperty
where = []
when = [When]
who = []
transparency =
comments =
event_status =
visibility =
recurrence =
recurrence_exception = []
original_event =
reminder = []
class TimeZoneProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the time zone of a calendar"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'timezone'
value = 'value'
class TimesCleanedProperty(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes how many times calendar was cleaned via Manage Calendars"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'timesCleaned'
value = 'value'
class CalendarEntry(
"""Describes a Calendar entry in the feed of a user's calendars"""
timezone = TimeZoneProperty
overridename = OverrideNameProperty
hidden = HiddenProperty
selected = SelectedProperty
times_cleaned = TimesCleanedProperty
color = ColorProperty
where = [CalendarWhere]
accesslevel = AccessLevelProperty
class CalendarEventFeed(
"""Describes a Calendar event feed"""
allow_g_sync2 = AllowGSync2Property
timezone = TimeZoneProperty
entry = [CalendarEventEntry]
times_cleaned = TimesCleanedProperty
allow_g_sync = AllowGSyncProperty
class CalendarFeed(
"""Describes a feed of Calendars"""
entry = [CalendarEntry]
class WebContentGadgetPref(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes a single web content gadget preference"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'webContentGadgetPref'
name = 'name'
value = 'value'
class WebContent(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes a "web content" extension"""
_qname = GCAL_TEMPLATE % 'webContent'
height = 'height'
width = 'width'
web_content_gadget_pref = [WebContentGadgetPref]
url = 'url'
display = 'display'
class WebContentLink(
"""Describes a "web content" link"""
def __init__(self, title=None, href=None, link_type=None,
web_content=None):, rel=WEB_CONTENT_LINK_REL, title=title, href=href,
web_content = WebContent