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Metadata-Version: 1.0
Name: webapp2
Version: 2.3
Summary: Taking Google App Engine's webapp to the next level!
Author: Rodrigo Moraes
License: Apache Software License
`webapp2`_ is a lightweight Python web framework compatible with Google App
Engine's `webapp`_.
webapp2 is a `single file`_ that follows the simplicity of webapp, but
improves it in some ways: it adds better URI routing and exception handling,
a full featured response object and a more flexible dispatching mechanism.
webapp2 also offers the package `webapp2_extras`_ with several optional
utilities: sessions, localization, internationalization, domain and subdomain
routing, secure cookies and others.
webapp2 can also be used outside of Google App Engine, independently of the
App Engine SDK.
For a complete description of how webapp2 improves webapp, see
`webapp2 features`_.
Quick links
- `User Guide <>`_
- `Repository <>`_
- `Discussion Group <!forum/webapp2>`_
- `@webapp2 <!/webapp2>`_
.. _webapp:
.. _webapp2:
.. _single file:
.. _webapp2_extras:
.. _webapp2 features:
Platform: any
Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Classifier: Environment :: Web Environment
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License
Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
Classifier: Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content
Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules