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webapp2 is considered feature complete and well tested, but if you think
something is missing or is not working well, please describe it in our issue
We'd love to know if you found a bug or if something can be improved. We are
also interested in ideas for new webapp2_extras modules and more tests and
The real TODO
- Add WSGI middleware:
- sessions
- auth
The webapp TODO
Here is a list of updates for webapp that could be gradually implemented in
future SDK releases, to make webapp more close to webapp2:
- Include a updated version of webob in the SDK, available through
use_library(). As of June 15, 2011 the latest version is 1.0.7.
Issues: #2788, #170 and #719 (no access to parsed body parameters with PUT
request in webapp)
- Use webob.Response
Issues: #200, #5030
- Use webob.exc for status code exceptions.
- Make RequestHandler dispatch the requested method, using a class method.
Issues: #468
- Better URI Routing.
Issues: #444 (routing based on hostnames), #843 (limitations to build URIs),
#2398 (routing based on the URL scheme), #2636 and #5128 (unquote URL paths
before matching them)
Other issues:
- Webob module bundled in App Engine SDK ignores charset and transfer
encoding setting specified in a header part of each multipart field.
Issues: #2749
- Sending cookies using webapp.
Issues: #5030
- When the content-type is 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' and POST data
is empty the content-type is dropped by Google appengine.
Issues: #3426; **works in webapp/webapp2**
- Unable to read POST variables ONCE self.request.body is read
Issues: #5118 **can't reproduce in webapp, works in webapp2**
More issues