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# Copyright (C) 2009 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Contains the data classes of the Google Webmaster Tools Data API"""
__author__ = ' (Jeff Scudder)'
import atom.core
WT_TEMPLATE = '{}%s'
class CrawlIssueCrawlType(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Type of crawl of the crawl issue"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'crawl-type'
class CrawlIssueDateDetected(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Detection date for the issue"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'date-detected'
class CrawlIssueDetail(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Detail of the crawl issue"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'detail'
class CrawlIssueIssueType(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Type of crawl issue"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'issue-type'
class CrawlIssueLinkedFromUrl(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Source URL that links to the issue URL"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'linked-from'
class CrawlIssueUrl(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""URL affected by the crawl issue"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'url'
class CrawlIssueEntry(
"""Describes a crawl issue entry"""
date_detected = CrawlIssueDateDetected
url = CrawlIssueUrl
detail = CrawlIssueDetail
issue_type = CrawlIssueIssueType
crawl_type = CrawlIssueCrawlType
linked_from = [CrawlIssueLinkedFromUrl]
class CrawlIssuesFeed(
"""Feed of crawl issues for a particular site"""
entry = [CrawlIssueEntry]
class Indexed(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the indexing status of a site"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'indexed'
class Keyword(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""A keyword in a site or in a link to a site"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'keyword'
source = 'source'
class KeywordEntry(
"""Describes a keyword entry"""
class KeywordsFeed(
"""Feed of keywords for a particular site"""
entry = [KeywordEntry]
keyword = [Keyword]
class LastCrawled(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the last crawled date of a site"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'last-crawled'
class MessageBody(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Message body"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'body'
class MessageDate(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Message date"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'date'
class MessageLanguage(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Message language"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'language'
class MessageRead(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Indicates if the message has already been read"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'read'
class MessageSubject(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Message subject"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'subject'
class SiteId(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Site URL"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'id'
class MessageEntry(
"""Describes a message entry"""
wt_id = SiteId
subject = MessageSubject
date = MessageDate
body = MessageBody
language = MessageLanguage
read = MessageRead
class MessagesFeed(
"""Describes a messages feed"""
entry = [MessageEntry]
class SitemapEntry(
"""Describes a sitemap entry"""
indexed = Indexed
wt_id = SiteId
class SitemapMobileMarkupLanguage(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes a markup language for URLs in this sitemap"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'sitemap-mobile-markup-language'
class SitemapMobile(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Lists acceptable mobile markup languages for URLs in this sitemap"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'sitemap-mobile'
sitemap_mobile_markup_language = [SitemapMobileMarkupLanguage]
class SitemapNewsPublicationLabel(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Specifies the publication label for this sitemap"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'sitemap-news-publication-label'
class SitemapNews(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Lists publication labels for this sitemap"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'sitemap-news'
sitemap_news_publication_label = [SitemapNewsPublicationLabel]
class SitemapType(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Indicates the type of sitemap. Not used for News or Mobile Sitemaps"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'sitemap-type'
class SitemapUrlCount(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Indicates the number of URLs contained in the sitemap"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'sitemap-url-count'
class SitemapsFeed(
"""Describes a sitemaps feed"""
entry = [SitemapEntry]
class VerificationMethod(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes a verification method that may be used for a site"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'verification-method'
in_use = 'in-use'
type = 'type'
class Verified(atom.core.XmlElement):
"""Describes the verification status of a site"""
_qname = WT_TEMPLATE % 'verified'
class SiteEntry(
"""Describes a site entry"""
indexed = Indexed
wt_id = SiteId
verified = Verified
last_crawled = LastCrawled
verification_method = [VerificationMethod]
class SitesFeed(
"""Describes a sites feed"""
entry = [SiteEntry]