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"""Class for storing shared keys."""
from utils.cryptomath import *
from utils.compat import *
from mathtls import *
from Session import Session
from BaseDB import BaseDB
class SharedKeyDB(BaseDB):
"""This class represent an in-memory or on-disk database of shared
A SharedKeyDB can be passed to a server handshake function to
authenticate a client based on one of the shared keys.
This class is thread-safe.
def __init__(self, filename=None):
"""Create a new SharedKeyDB.
@type filename: str
@param filename: Filename for an on-disk database, or None for
an in-memory database. If the filename already exists, follow
this with a call to open(). To create a new on-disk database,
follow this with a call to create().
BaseDB.__init__(self, filename, "shared key")
def _getItem(self, username, valueStr):
session = Session()
session._createSharedKey(username, valueStr)
return session
def __setitem__(self, username, sharedKey):
"""Add a shared key to the database.
@type username: str
@param username: The username to associate the shared key with.
Must be less than or equal to 16 characters in length, and must
not already be in the database.
@type sharedKey: str
@param sharedKey: The shared key to add. Must be less than 48
characters in length.
BaseDB.__setitem__(self, username, sharedKey)
def _setItem(self, username, value):
if len(username)>16:
raise ValueError("username too long")
if len(value)>=48:
raise ValueError("shared key too long")
return value
def _checkItem(self, value, username, param):
newSession = self._getItem(username, param)
return value.masterSecret == newSession.masterSecret