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"""Secret-key encryption algorithms.
Secret-key encryption algorithms transform plaintext in some way that
is dependent on a key, producing ciphertext. This transformation can
easily be reversed, if (and, hopefully, only if) one knows the key.
The encryption modules here all support the interface described in PEP
272, "API for Block Encryption Algorithms".
If you don't know which algorithm to choose, use AES because it's
standard and has undergone a fair bit of examination.
Crypto.Cipher.AES Advanced Encryption Standard
Crypto.Cipher.ARC2 Alleged RC2
Crypto.Cipher.ARC4 Alleged RC4
Crypto.Cipher.DES The Data Encryption Standard. Very commonly used
in the past, but today its 56-bit keys are too small.
Crypto.Cipher.DES3 Triple DES.
Crypto.Cipher.XOR The simple XOR cipher.
__all__ = ['AES', 'ARC2', 'ARC4',
'Blowfish', 'CAST', 'DES', 'DES3', 'IDEA', 'RC5',
__revision__ = "$Id:,v 1.7 2003/02/28 15:28:35 akuchling Exp $"