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# Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
"""IRC bot that restricts access based on a configuration file.
Maintainer: Flavio J. Saraiva (feel free to send complaints or suggestions)
flaviojs @ eAthena forum/irc
flaviojs2005@gmail <D.o,T> com
Modified by Melange Authors.
from twisted.application import internet
from twisted.internet import defer
from twisted.python import log, failure
from buildbot.status.words import have_ssl, IRC, IrcStatusFactory, IrcStatusBot, IRCContact
from buildbot.status.base import StatusReceiverMultiService
class ExtendedIRCContact(IRCContact):
"""Extended IRCContact class.
1) fix functions act and handleAction
2) add command 'reload' to reload the user access data
3) make sure the user has access to the command he's trying to use
def command_RELOAD(self, args, who):
# XXX new command
f = failure.Failure()
self.send("Something bad happened (see logs)")
command_RELOAD.usage = "reload - reload the user access data"
def act(self, action):
# FIX use describe instead of me to avoid axception
# XXX fixed in master, remove on next release
if not self.muted:, action.encode("ascii", "replace"))
def handleMessage(self, message, who):
# XXX extended behaviour - make sure use has access to the command
def handleMessageAccess(canAccess, self, message, who):
if canAccess:
IRCContact.handleMessage(self, message, who)
self.send("%s: Sorry, you're not allowed to use this command" % who)
message = message.lstrip()
if self.silly.has_key(message):
return self.doSilly(message)
cmd = message.split(' ', 1)[0]
meth = self.getCommandMethod(cmd)
if meth:
canAccess =, cmd)
if isinstance(canAccess, bool):
handleMessageAccess(canAccess, self, message, who)
else:# deferred
canAccess.addCallback(handleMessageAccess, self, message, who)
def handleAction(self, data, user):
# FIX use the bot nickname instead of "buildbot"
# XXX fixed in master, remove on next release
if not data.endswith("s "+
words = data.split()
verb = words[-2]
if verb == "kicks":
response = "%s back" % verb
response = "%s %s too" % (verb, user)
class ExtendedIrcStatusBot(IrcStatusBot):
"""Extended IrcStatusBot class.
1) use ExtendedIRCContat for the contact class
2) fix functions getContact, privmsg and action
3) read access file
4) check user access and, if needed, ask Nickserv if
the user is registered and authenticated
contactClass = ExtendedIRCContact
access_file = "ircaccess.cfg"
access_deferred = {}
def parseAccess(self):
# XXX new method
access = {}# dict of user->(dict of command->canAccess)
data = None
with open(self.access_file) as f:
data = eval(
for user in data.keys():
userAccess = data[user]
user = user.lower()# users are case insensitive
assert access.has_key(user) == False# must be unique
access[user] = {}
for command in userAccess.keys():
canAccess = userAccess[command]
command = command.lower() # commands are case insensitive
assert canAccess in (True, False) # must be boolean
assert access[user].has_key(command) == False # must be unique
access[user][command] = canAccess
if hasattr(self, "access_deferred"):
for user in self.access_deferred.keys():
d = self.access_deferred[user]
"interrupted while reloading access file" % user))
self.access_deferred = {} # dict of user->deferred
self.access = access
def statusReceived(self, user, status):
# XXX overload empty method
"""Called when a status check is received."""
user = user.lower()
if self.access_deferred.has_key(user):
d = self.access_deferred[user]
del self.access_deferred[user]
d.callback(int(status) == 3) # True if registered and authenticated
def getAccess(self, user, command):
# XXX new method
"""Checks if the user has access to the command.
Returns True if the command is allowed.
Returns False if the command is not allowed.
Returns a deferred if aditional checks are needed to know
if the command is allowed.
user = user.lower()
command = command.lower()
auth_access = None
if self.access.has_key(user):
userAccess = self.access[user]
def checkRegistered(_, self, user):
"""Checks if the user is registered and authenticated.
Returns contact,True if registered and authenticated.
Returns contact,False in not registered adn authenticated.
Returns contact,None if interrupted.
if self.access_deferred.has_key(user):
"AuthIrcStatusBot.access_deferred['%s'] interrupted"
" while getting a new access" % user))
d = defer.Deferred()
self.access_deferred[user] = d
self.msg("Nickserv", "ACC %s" % user)
return d
def deferredAccess():
"""When the deferred is called, starts checking if a user
is registered and authenticated."""
d = defer.Deferred()
d.addCallback(checkRegistered, self, user)
return d
if userAccess.has_key(command):# user.command
if userAccess[command]:
auth_access = deferredAccess()
auth_access = False
elif userAccess.has_key("*"):# user.*
if userAccess["*"]:
auth_access = deferredAccess()
auth_access = False
anon_access = False # dissalow by default
if self.access.has_key("*"):
defaultAccess = self.access["*"]
if defaultAccess.has_key(command): # *.command
anon_access = defaultAccess[command]
elif defaultAccess.has_key("*"): # *.*
anon_access = defaultAccess["*"]
if auth_access is None:
return anon_access # anonymous access
if auth_access and anon_access:
return True # can access while authenticated and anonymous,
# so skip auth check
return auth_access# do auth check if needed
def getContact(self, name):
# FIX nicknames and channels are case insensitive
# XXX fixed in master, remove on next release
name = name.lower()
return IrcStatusBot.getContact(self, name)
def privmsg(self, user, channel, message):
# FIX fail to private message if the nickname has uppercase letters
# XXX fixed in master, remove on next release
user = user.split('!', 1)[0]
if channel == self.nickname:
contact = self.getContact(user)
contact.handleMessage(message, user)
contact = self.getContact(channel)
if (message.startswith("%s:" % self.nickname)
or message.startswith("%s," % self.nickname)):
message = message[len("%s:" % self.nickname):]
contact.handleMessage(message, user)
def action(self, user, channel, data):
# FIX use the bot nickname instead of "builbot"
# XXX fixed in master, remove on next release
user = user.split('!', 1)[0]
contact = self.getContact(channel)
if self.nickname.lower() in data.lower():
contact.handleAction(data, user)
def noticed(self, user, channel, message):
# XXX overload empty method
user = user.split('!', 1)[0]
words = message.split()
if channel == self.nickname and user.lower() == "NickServ".lower():
if len(words) == 3 and words[1] == "ACC":
self.statusReceived(words[0], words[2])
def signedOn(self):
# XXX overload empty method
self.mode(self.nickname, True, "isxBRT")
class ExtendedIrcStatusFactory(IrcStatusFactory):
"""Extended IrcStatusFactory class.
1) use ExtendedIrcStatusBot for the protocol class
3) send empty quit message when stopping the factory and not reconfiguring
protocol = ExtendedIrcStatusBot
def stopFactory(self):
# XXX overload empty method
"""Send a quit message before leaving."""
if not self.shuttingDown and self.p:
self.p.quit("") # TODO does nothing because this method is called
# after the socket is closed
class ExtendedIRC(IRC):
"""Extended IRC class.
1) use ExtendedIrcStatusBot for the factory class
factory = ExtendedIrcStatusFactory
def __init__(
self, host, nick, channels, pm_to_nicks=None, port=6667,
allowForce=False, categories=None, password=None, notify_events=None,
noticeOnChannel=False, showBlameList=True, useRevisions=False,
useSSL=False, lostDelay=None, failedDelay=None, useColors=True):
# XXX replace method - use class in the factory variable
assert allowForce in (True, False) = host
self.port = port
self.nick = nick
self.channels = channels
self.pm_to_nicks = pm_to_nicks or []
self.password = password
self.allowForce = allowForce
self.useRevisions = useRevisions
self.categories = categories
self.notify_events = notify_events or {}
self.f = self.factory(
self.nick, self.password,
self.channels, self.pm_to_nicks,
self.categories, self.notify_events,
if useSSL:
if not have_ssl:
raise RuntimeError("useSSL requires PyOpenSSL")
from twisted.internet import ssl
cf = ssl.ClientContextFactory()
c = internet.SSLClient(, self.port, self.f, cf)
c = internet.TCPClient(, self.port, self.f)