Main Improvements, Features and Fixes for Q3-Q4 '10

Under Construction, just a copy of Q1-Q2

This page lists the different tasks that Melange will focus on during the upcoming months. Note that this list is far from complete in terms of other improvements we might make and that not everything on this list (prio medium or lower) might make it into Melange before the next months are over.

To be added to the list, needs to be made more tangible:

  • Testing, Sverre suggesting getting more time for it. Chong Liu's work should help.
Short NameDescriptionSchelduledPriorityPrimary Contributors
Design UI PrototypesDesign and prototype new UI designs for Melange31 AugustHighMario Ferraro
User Interface DiscussionDiscussion and choosing of the new interface6 SeptemberHighAll
User Interface ImplementationImplementation of the new user interface.TBDHigh
Internal User ID as a referenceCurrently, we use email address as user ID, but then if that changes we don't have a correct reference to the user anymore and we have to fix things manually. This means to update current user models in the datastore and changing the current calls to getUserForCurrentAccount to work with the IDMedium
JavaScript RefactoringRefactor Melange JavaScripts to their separate module.TBDMediumMario Ferraro
Per Org URL for ApplyingThe current StudentApplication uses the student as scope. This gives non-shareable URL’s for organizations to apply on. Unless changing the datamodel to become based around Orgs becomes viable for GSoC10 (a lot of dependencies with access and accepting/rejecting applications), a good solution would also be to introduce a URL that is not user-dependent but Organization dependent.Low
Use HTTPS protocol for certain pagesThis means enabling HTTPS for a certain set of pages such as edit pages for roles. See also Issue 445 (on Google Code).Low
Enhance NotificationsThis includes posting the complete notification in the email sent to the user and perhaps add the possibility to read them using an RSS feed (NewsFeed framework from James Levy)Low
Add Surveys to the Statistics moduleThe Statistics modules seems like the perfect place to also handle the statistics that can be gathered from the Surveys collected within Melange.19 July (Depends on design)LowDaniel Hans
InternationalizationThe text in Melange has now become quite stable and we do have a large user base within the Asian community. We should look into the possibility of adding and enabling translations. Research might be required into languages that read from right to left.Low
Display changes in StudentProposalsA StudentProposal usually has multiple iterations. A request from the organizations was to make these changes more visible by somehow displaying the history of a proposal (diffs or complete histories are an idea)GSoC 2010Very Low


Short NameDescriptionStatusDurationSchelduledPriorityPrimary Contributors
GHOP Organization RegistrationCheck/Fix/Implement the Organization registration for GHOP Organizations, including Org Admin and Mentor invitations.Complete1 week14 JuneHighMadhusudan
GHOP Task Quota assignmentCreate the page where Program Administrators can see/update the quota for each organization. Does not need to be Task API anymore because the current list can send along the keys, however it does need to scale.Complete2 weeks21 JuneHighMario and Madhusudan
GHOP Task creation by org adminsAllow GHOP Org Admins to create tasks for their own org which can be directly published or stored for later publishing.Complete2 weeks5 JulyHighMadhusudan
GHOP Task suggestion by mentors, all can editAllow GHOP Mentors to suggest tasks for their organization and let the Org Admin accept/publish the task, both in bulk and on a per-task basisComplete1 week12 JulyHighMadhusudan
GHOP Task workflowRun the current workflow from the point that a task is published till the completion of a Task. Includes, checking access to make sure that a mentor/org admin can‘t claim a task and someone who has claimed a task or is a Student can’t become a Org Admin/Mentor.Complete2 weeks13 SeptemberHighMadhusudan
GHOP Task pagesBesides the per-task page there are a few more important pages to be checked/fixed/implemented. Namely the org home page with a lists of their tasks, a page with all tasks for a single program and a page for listing “My tasks” showing either the ones you have claimed or are mentoring.Started1 week20 SeptemberHighMadhusudan
GHOP statisticsPage to gather GHOP Statistics, might make use of the work from Mario and Daniel. Most importantly we need to know who completed what amount of tasks on a overall and per-org basis.Not started2 weeks27 SeptemberHighDaniel and Madhusudan
GHOP Notifications week27 SeptemberHighMadhusudan
GHOP Task work uploadAllowing uploads to be made as part of a WorkSubmissionWon't fix for GHOP 20103 weeks21 NovemberMediumMadhusudan
GHOP User ManualThere is a skeleton GHOP User Manual in the wiki. This needs to include all the details and nuances about how to use GHOP module.Started - Contributions needed2 weeks4 OctoberHighMadhusudan and others
GHOP Testing periodSimilar to the GSoC testing period we will run GHOP through its paces publicly during this time.Not started2 weeks11 OctoberHighAll