Rather than end up with very long thread-mode discussions in the issue tracker we are taking some discussions to this wiki.

Here summary and consensus is possible in a way that takes longer and is less efficient on the tracker. We can also take on topics that relate to multiple issues more easily.

Table of some Wiki Discuss Issues

Issue 448 (on Google Code)Mentor impersonation in proposal comments
Issue 463 (on Google Code)Organization Administrators should be able to set a scoring system for their org
Issue 495 (on Google Code)Melange Should Send Emails from Mentors/Org Admins to Students
Issue 619 (on Google Code)User preferences page

Full list of WikiDiscuss issues (13 are currently tagged)


Scoring and Ranking

Issue 463 (on Google Code): Scoring Schemes



Issue 495 (on Google Code): Emails

Several discussions in progress:

Dashboards etc

Issue 619 (on Google Code): User Preferences Page