Rather than end up with very long thread-mode discussions in the issue tracker we are taking some discussions to this wiki.

Here summary and consensus is possible in a way that takes longer and is less efficient on the tracker. We can also take on topics that relate to multiple issues more easily.

Table of some Wiki Discuss Issues

|ID|Summary| |:-|:------| |Issue 448 (on Google Code)|Mentor impersonation in proposal comments| |Issue 463 (on Google Code)|Organization Administrators should be able to set a scoring system for their org| |Issue 495 (on Google Code)|Melange Should Send Emails from Mentors/Org Admins to Students| |Issue 619 (on Google Code)|User preferences page|

Full list of WikiDiscuss issues (13 are currently tagged)


Scoring and Ranking

Issue 463 (on Google Code): Scoring Schemes



Issue 495 (on Google Code): Emails

Several discussions in progress:

Dashboards etc

Issue 619 (on Google Code): User Preferences Page