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#summary Issues from the issue tracker for discussion on this wiki
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= Introduction =
Rather than end up with very long thread-mode discussions in the issue tracker we are taking some discussions to this wiki.
Here *summary* and consensus is possible in a way that takes longer and is less efficient on the tracker. We can also take on topics that relate to multiple issues more easily.
= Table of some Wiki Discuss Issues =
||Issue 448||Mentor impersonation in proposal comments||
||Issue 463||Organization Administrators should be able to set a scoring system for their org||
||Issue 495||Melange Should Send Emails from Mentors/Org Admins to Students||
||Issue 619||User preferences page||
[ Full list of WikiDiscuss issues] (13 are currently tagged)
= Topics =
==Scoring and Ranking==
Issue 463: Scoring Schemes
* Question: What should we do?
* [ProposalReview]
* [TextEditinginMelange] - Will we rip it out and put a wiki in instead?
Issue 495: Emails
Several discussions in progress:
* [UserCommunication] - E-mails within Melange.
* [NagEmails] - Automated E-Mails sent by melange.
* [UserPreferencesPage] - Releveant for setting e-mail and notification preferences.
==Dashboards etc==
Issue 619: User Preferences Page
* What user preferences are there? Can we rate them by importance/utility?
* [UserPreferencesPage].