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#summary Hints and Tips for Melange Development
#labels Importance-Useful,Contents-Draft
== Introduction ==
This page is a collection of helpful hints, tips, and links
to useful articles about setting up the development
environment to work on Melange.
== Using Eclipse with Google App Engine ==
[ Google App Engine & eclipse (PyDev)]
To use the copy of `` that is checked into the
[ SoC svn repository]
change the *Main Module* to something like:
This example assumes that `trunk/` was checked out and placed in
an Eclipse project named `soc`, so adjust it as needed to point
to the `` in your `svn` working copy and Eclipse
project hierarchy.
You will also want to replace the `"${project_loc}/src"` in the
*Arguments* tab with `"${project_loc}/app"`.
[ Creating mashups on the Google App Engine using Eclipse, Part 1]
== Debugging ==
[ Python: Debugging Google App Engine Apps Locally]
=== Debugging in Eclipse ===
[ Debugging Google AppEngine with PyDev in Eclipse]