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#summary Gerrit and Melange
#labels Featured,Importance-Featured
= Introduction =
Melange uses Gerrit for code review.
= Setup =
# setup push-for-review helper alias
git config --global alias.push-for-review '!CURRENT=$(git symbolic-ref --short HEAD) && git push origin ${1:-HEAD}:refs/for/master%topic=${CURRENT}${R:+,r=${R}} && echo pushed'
# add change-id hook
curl -Lo `git rev-parse --git-dir`/hooks/commit-msg ; chmod +x `git rev-parse --git-dir`/hooks/commit-msg
* Log into the Gerrit UI at least once:
* if the email address in your git commits doesn't line up with the account you log into Gerrit with, you must add that email address:
* If you are a committer, you need to get added to the committer list in Gerrit.
= Code Review =
== Reviewing your branch ==
# Create a topic branch, work on your change, commit your change.
# git push-for-review
# in the Gerrit web UI, explicitly add at least one reviewer
# review happens.
# if changes are necessary, commit, rebase, go back to step 2.
== Syncing and preparing your branch ==
# pull the latest changes to master
* git checkout master
* git pull origin master
# rebase your branch on master git rebase master and fix possible conflicts on the way
* git checkout your-branch
* git rebase master
# git push-for-review
# if the rebase cleared the review approvals, ask the reviewers for another look. Otherwise, the changes are almost ready to be submitted
# locally merge your branch into master
* git checkout master
* git merge your-branch
= git push-for-review =
The push-for-review alias supports some variations:
if you set an 'R' environment variable, that becomes a reviewer.
{{{ git push-for-review
You can also specify a change to push:
git push-for-review a1b2c3
== Submitting the code ==
# get code reviewed by someone else, and receive a +2
# click submit button in web ui
== Personal Branches ==
Please name personal branches user/$USERNAME/$BRANCHNAME
= Etiquette =
* Do not assume that someone will re-review your change unless you make a comment like "please look again" or "re-review me" or similar. (Rationale: Because of the volume of email Gerrit sends, some people may filter out the "new change has been uploaded emails" -- and a new change being uploaded doesn't mean the Change is ready for review anyway.)
* If you have commit rights, do not submit someone else's change without a good reason. These might include:
* Change author does not have commit rights. (But don't assume that a change is ready for review after you've +2'ed it, the author may want to make changes that require re-review, update the CL description, or there may be other reviewers.)
* Change author is missing and there's an urgent need to get their change submitted before they come back.
* The change is urgent and simple (i.e. build fix) and can't wait.
* In general, please do do not click Submit on other people's changes without permission from the author.
= Interesting Links =