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#summary Welcome To Melange!
= Welcome to Melange! =
You've arrived at this page because you've expressed interest in contributing to Melange. Here's some information to get you started!
* Please read our GettingStarted page for instructions on setting up your development environment.
* MailingListsGuidelines talks about our mailing lists. Most technical discussion happen on `melange-soc-dev`.
* We use [Gerrit] for code reviews. You should also read ContributionReviews.
A lot of people ask what they should work on. Right now, we have over 350 open issues in the [ issue tracker], but you shouldn't assume that because an issue is there it should be worked on. Issues marked with the `Bienvenue` label might be a good place to start, or you can look through the tracker yourself. The best place to start is with something tiny -- that's a good way of learning our code and processes. Once you've completed a few small tasks, it's time to take on something bigger.
Our focus right now isn't on adding large new features -- it's on maintainability, bugfixing, cleaning the code, improving usability and performance.
Looking forward to seeing patches from you!
- The Melange Developers